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The Complete Walt Disney World 2015
by Julie and Mike Neal

The Definitive Disney Handbook

The new edition of the award-winning guidebook with over 500 color photographs is finally here. Long awaited The Complete Walt Disney World 2015 features candid reviews of every ride, show, restaurant, and resort hotel; more than 400 insider tips and thousands of details.

Though Disney itself has named the book an Outstanding Family Product, the St. LouisPost-Dispatch says it is ‘refreshing in its honest opinions.’ The guide has won 23 national and international book awards, including 11 Travel Guide of the Year honors. Parents willenjoy looking through it with their children, as the abundance of images makes it easy forlittle ones to decide ‘Let’s do that!’

About the authors: A former Walt Disney World concierge supervisor, Julie Neal has spent more than 1,500 days at Walt Disney World, not counting her time working there. Her husband Mike Neal is an award-winning graphic designer and photographer. Julie and Mike live in Winter Garden, Florida.

The Complete Walt Disney World 2015 should leave fans of Mickey smiling from ear to ear!

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  • John Grigas says:

    How have I not picked up this book before? I’m always hungry for guidebooks and tips, and this one somehow stayed off my radar . . . until now.

  • openmind101 says:

    My best tip is to stay hydrated throughout the day and try to keep your patience because it can get hectic!

  • Vicki says:

    Plan some downtime. Nothing ruins the magic more than being tired and cranky.

  • remy7 says:

    My boys would love this book.

  • V No Privacy says:

    This would be perfect for my best friend who is planning her daughter’s first trip!

  • T says:

    Take a midday nap

  • Tara says:

    Pack the right shoes! Preferably in three different categories – tennis shoes, sturdy sandals like Keens – and then a category that touches as little of the foot as possible – for the days when your blister covered feet can’t take anything else 🙂

  • Naomi says:

    Don’t over plan your day. Build in some down time.

  • Allison Waken says:

    We’ve only been once when I was 14, but plan on taking my kids soon and I know that trip will far surpass the one time I’ve been 😉

  • Tanya Twerdowsky Sylvan says:

    Get there half an hour before the park opens to beat the crowds!

  • chad says:

    Go early, stay late

  • Cathleen King says:

    Bring a ziploc for your electronics from getting damage from water (rain, rides, etc…)

  • Bernie Wallace says:

    Be sure to go back to your hotel and rest in the middle of the day. Go to the park at night when it is less busy.

  • kittychatalot says:

    always book a lunch at a park that is sit down- prices are lower and the break will be avery appreciated

  • Angela says:

    I like to go on my favorite rides during parade times! Really cuts down on the wait times.

  • Carrisa says:

    My best trip to Walt Disney World was back in I think 2006. We’d gotten a hotel room at the Contemporary, but upon check-in had been upgraded to the concierge floor as long standing members of Disney! Free cookies every night? The best!

  • Scott Estabrook says:

    My best tip is PATIENCE. With cast members, other people, your kids, yourself. Just take a deep breath and relax…

  • John Grigas says:

    Oh, yeah . . . and my best tip is to arrive before rope drop at whatever park you start with! The crowds don’t like to get up early on vacation, so you’ll get more attractions done before noon than you are likely to visit for the rest of the day! (Especially at the Magic Kingdom!)

  • Valerie says:

    My best tip is to make sure you take time to relax. It’s easy to over-schedule with fast passes, dinner reservations, hitting every rope drop. Plan some major things, but take time to relax. Go for an evening stroll around the Boardwalk, watch a free movie at one of the resorts “beach movies” or just sit on a bench and people watch a bit

  • Linda Ann Raymond says:

    My tip would be to bring, hand wipes along,,,,sometimes the outside tables could use a good wipe down , before using them,,,,and hand wiping if you can’t get to the bathroom.. Also drink drink drink in the summer,,,,,,,

  • Sandi says:

    My tip would be bring lots of antioxidants and Vitamins! Nothing worse than feeling crappy and handling cranky children.

  • Kelly Benson says:

    Always take a break. We usually get to the parks at rope drop then leave by 5pm. Then we take at least an hour’s break before dinner. My husband complained at first but then when we went a day without a break he got my point.

  • Caitlin Amthor says:

    Don’t be afraid to people watch or chat with fellow park goers while in line. You never know what you might see/who you might meet.

  • Disneyphile says:

    Bring tylenol. It’s easy to get dehydrated in the heat and then comes the dehydration/heat headache. Having Tylenol on hand makes it go away much quicker and also forces you to drink the much needed water.

  • Kaci says:

    Looks like a great book! Love Disney!

  • Valerie says:

    Yippee!! Thank you 🙂

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