Which Side of My Rental Car is the Gas Tank On?

Car Gas GaugeWe’ve all done this before. You go on vacation. You rent a car. The first time you need gas you’re rubbernecking inside the vehicle trying to see which side the gas tank is on so you can pull into the service station properly without looking like a dummy.

Well, here’s a tip I learned from my friend ThemeParkMom that I am using right now with my Sixt Car Rental here in Orlando this weekend.

Inside the car, on the gas gauge is a gas tank symbol.  Beside that gas tank symbol is an arrow…a small triangle if you will. That arrow will either point to the right or to the left depending upon which side the gas tank is on.

Easy peasy! Now you’ll know from here on out which way to pull into the gas station the next time you rent a car…and if you are flying into the MCO airport here in Orlando to visit Walt Disney World might I suggest using a new company Sixt Car Rental. They have been amazing so far!

sixt rental car chevy equinox

Special thanks goes out to the Sixt Rental Car for providing me with a vehicle. Although the car was complementary I was not required to write this post. All opinions are my own.


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