Walt Disney World FastPass Machines Have Character

fastpassDo you use FastPass when touring at the Walt Disney World Resort?  I think that FastPass is the greatest thing since sliced bread. So fantastic, that it has completely revolutionized the way Disney Guests experience the parks.  FastPass can be your best friend… or your worst enemy… and for newbies to the parks it can be very intimidating.

FastPass is my best friend when I am able to take it by the hand and it leads me right up to the front of the line or my worst enemy when it’s hanging out with someone else…clogging up the stand-by line and turning what should easily be a thirty minute wait time, into an hour long stand fest.  Newbies to the parks are often confused by it. Do I have to pay extra for this? What’s it for? Are people going to yell at me when I can’t figgure this thing out and there are a line of folks behind me waiting to use this machine? Why in the heck does this paper say “This is Not a Valid FastPass”?

FastPass machines can be both a blessing and a curse, but have you ever taken the time to notice how truly magical these machines are?  FastPass machines have character! I noticed on a recent trip to Disney’s Hollywood Studios how fantastically themed these big boxes were. And so starts my four part series on the FastPass machines at all four Walt Disney World Theme parks.

FastPass Machines at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Our first stop is Toy Story Mania.  Why is this our first stop you ask?  Well…it’s our first stop because if you don’t make it your first stop you will NEVER get a fastpass for it!  Fastpass for Toy Story Mania is usually completely distributed before 11 a.m.  This is the newest ride to Disney’s Hollywood Studios (and in my humble opinion, the coolest ride in DHS) so you need to get there early in order to book your wait time. However, have no fear, Toy Story Mania has one of the coolest queue lines in all of WDW, so if you find yourself making it to the fastpass machine only to watch a cast member cover it up with it’s “sold out” blanket, know that wonder awaits you, along with Mr. Potato Head, inside the line.

As you can see, Toy Story Mania carries the themeing of the queue line right on outside to the FastPass machine.  It looks identical to a pile of toys you would find inside of Andy’s Room. Building blocks make up the base. It is sided by a gigantic domino and topped with  the hub of a Tinker Toy.  The Toy Story Mania FastPass machines have Character!


Our next stop along the way will be at Star Tours.  The Star Tours FastPass machine looks like it might have been a piece of Han Solo’s cargo aboard the Milennium Falcon.  Except the only thing he would be smuggling in this box is my FastPass for the Star Tours Attraction! The Star Tours FastPass machines have Character!


The FastPass machines at the Tower of Terror look like they might have met the same fate as the Tower itself. Struck by lightning!  These machines are covered in smoke!  They have been aged and carry a patina.  They are also long, lean, and tall, resembling….a tower! Tower of Terror FastPass Machines have character!


Our final stop is Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster! (You may be shouting at the screen…”but what about Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular!!!”…my most recent visit was last week and the crowds were so thin that the Epic FastPass Machines were in hibernation, so I will not be covering them in the post.)  So…on to Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster…

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster’s FastPass Machines are so well themed that you might dismiss them as part of the attraction if it weren’t for the “FastPass Distribution” signage overhead.  They look like something that Aerosmith’s Roadies might have flung out of the Concert Semi. Gigantic amp boxes stacked on top of each other make a Rockin’ FastPass Machine! Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster’s FastPass Machines have Character!


And with that! Our tour of Disney’s Hollywood Studios FastPass Machines is over. Next week, in part two of this series, I will be covering the Epcot FastPass Machines. I hope that next time you are touring the Disney parks you will take the time to notice all of the nuances that make “The World” so full of Character!

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