Walt Disney World FastPass Machines Have Character – Part Two

Hello Everyone!  Last week I started a four part series titled “FastPass Machines Have Character” and covered the FastPass Machines at Disney’s MGM Studios. (Yes, I called it MGM Studios instead of Disney’s Hollywood Studios because I listened to and heard all of my loyal readers who also still call it MGM Studios. We are a stubborn bunch aren’t we?!)

This week I am going to cover the machines at The Magic Kingdom. Sans Space Mountain’s Machines, as they are currently under construction, and I couldn’t get anywhere near there to snap a picture.

FastPass Machines at The Magic Kingdom

Starting counterclockwise around the park, our first stop is the Jungle Cruise.  This machine is rugged!  It is a long, jungle green chest that has been turned on it’s side.  The chest looks like it has been on many a Jungle Cruise in it’s day.


As we make our way through AdventureLand we come upon Frontierland and two of “The World’s” most famous Mountains! Because both of these Mountains are located in the the same land…the theming is somewhat similar with a few noticeable differences.

The first mountain we come to is Splash Mountain!  The story behind Splash Mountain lends its details to the appearance of the FastPass Machine.  This ride is based on the feature film Song of the South.  The film was set… in the Deep South… near the end of the War Between the States and the tale is spun by Uncle Remus. The FastPass Machine for Splash mountain looks as if it might have come right off of the set of this Old Western Tale.


Just around the Riverbend…(hear Poccahontas???) is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  Which is, after all, the Wildest Ride in the Wilderness!!!  Big Thunder Mountain is also themed in a Western Style. Guests are transported back to an old Mining Town and the FastPass Machines resemble crates that might actually be filled with Dynamite!!! BANG!  Of course, if all of the FastPasses haven’t been distributed that day you might consider it filled with GOLD!!! Little Golden Tickets that is….


Leaving FrontierLand and making our way over to FantasyLand we discover that the Imagineers may have run a tad bit dry on creative juices. The three FastPass machines in FantasyLand are pretty much the same….a bit Royal and perhaps part of a Castle gate, but they too still “Have Character”.

The Peter Pan’s Flight FastPass Machine has the “PP” Crest on the side to distinguish it from the other two attractions’ FastPass Machines.


The Mickey’s Philharmagic FastPass Machine is just slightly different in color and accoutrements.


And the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh is basically more of the same…(Hey Imagineers! How about some extra pazazz for the FantasyLand FastPass Machines…huh?!)


The next and final land on the list is TomorrowLand!  Due to the refurbishment of Space Mountain I will be covering only two of the three FastPass machines here.

To Infinity…and Beyond! Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin has, hands down, the best themed FastPass Machine in The Magic Kingdom!  The machine has a lot going for it and looks like part of the XP-38 Space Cruisers that guests ride in.


Our final stop at The Magic Kingdom is Stitch’s Great Escape.  Stitch has decorated this FastPass Machine with Alien Graphics not seen this side of the Milky Way…


That concludes our trip around The Magic Kingdom and the tour of it’s FastPass Machines!  Stay tuned…next week I will continue part three of this series and cover the FastPass Machines at Epcot…my favorite park at The Walt Disney World Resort!  Once again…I hope that next time you are touring the Disney parks you will take the time to notice all of the nuances that make “The World” so full of Character!

Until Next Time,

P.S. If you missed part one of this series, you can read about it HERE!

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