Walt Disney World FastPass Machines Have Character – Part Three

This third installment of our four part series on Walt Disney World’s FastPass Machines will cover the Epcot Theme Park. We’ve already taken a look at the cinematic FastPass Machines at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and the magical FastPass Machines at the Magic Kingdom. The only attraction we will be skipping over is the Malestrom in Norway. The crowds were so thin on the last day that I toured Epcot that all of the Malestrom Machines had been covered up and were not being used.

FastPass Machines at Disney’s Epcot

Let’s start with the FastPass Machine that probably gets the most use….Soarin’!  Soarin’s FastPass Machines are bright and cheery.  They are numbered on the sides, just like an airport terminal’s sign would be numbered.  You can make out the hang glider icon on the bottom front of the Machine.  They are a fantastic complement to the theming of the attraction. Soarin’ FastPass Machines have Character!


The Soarin’ FastPass machines have a friendly neighbor…The Honey I Shrunk the Audience FastPass Machines!  This attraction is located right next door in the Imagination Pavilion.  The story at this attraction revolves around Professor Szalinski.  Szalinski is about to accept the Inventor of the Year Award and showcase his hoverpod at the Imagination Institute.  You can see the Imagination Institute’s Logo on the front of the FastPass Machine.  Honey I Shrunk the Audience FastPass Machines have Character!


From here…let’s hop on over to Mission Space. Mission Space put a futuristic twist on their FastPass Machines. The design on the side of the machine looks a lot like a planet in orbit and the cool silver housing looks like it might just be part of a spaceship! Mission Space FastPass Machines have Character!


The last stop on our tour of Epcot’s FastPass Machines is Test Track.  This machine is by far, the best themed machine in Epcot.  The Imagineers put a lot of thought into this one!  Road Crews have striped the box with yellow lines and it is topped with a Caution Light hat!  Test Track FastPass Machines definitely have Character!


I hope you enjoyed this peek at Epcot’s FastPass Machines!  Next week I will present the fourth installment of “Walt Disney World FastPass Machines Have Character” with a look at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

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P.S. If you missed Part One of this series and would like to take a look at some of the other FastPass Machines sprinkled about the Walt Disney World Resort, CLICK HERE to read more!

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