Vintage Disney EPCOT Center Video

As you’ve probably guessed by now…I love Epcot! It is my favorite park at the Walt Disney World Resort. I am also somewhat of a purist and dearly miss Disney’s extinct attractions.  I have fond memories of visiting Epcot as a child and even in my earlier years, preferred it over the Magic Kingdom.

My friend Armand shared this fantastic video with me the other day…”EPCOT Center: A Souvenir Program”. It’s a retro look at the theme park and will give you a glimpse of the magic that existed back in the 80’s.  Several of the extinct attractions are featured: World of Motion, Communicore (with  SMRT-1 Robot), the Original Journey into Imagination with Figment and the Future Playground, a fantastic view of SpaceShip Earth without the Monolith Graveyard that currently blocks your view now, Kitchen Kabaret …etc.  It’s just a fantastic piece…and I loved to see the outfits everyone was rockin’ back then.  I hope you enjoy reminiscing as much as I did…


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