Unadvertised Disney VIP Service Gets You on Rides with No Wait

Disney Plaid VIP Tour GuidePLAIDS

Have you ever heard this term?

Maybe you’ve been lucky enough to glimpse a celebrity touring the Walt Disney World theme parks on one of your Disney vacations? Ever notice the costume that the accompanying cast member “handler” is wearing? It’s plaid.  “Plaids” wield magical powers within the gates of the Most Magical Place on Earth. Private car service, fastpass entry, private tours, VIP seating for parades, stage shows and nighttime spectaculars! Did you know that you can “rent’ your own plaid for the day?

Imagine it. New Years Eve. Magic Kingdom has closed to capacity mere minutes after park opening. You and your family wake up relaxed at your resort with no alarm clock. Grab some breakfast and head out to your private car service. Your VIP Tour Guide aka “plaid” picks you up and drives you over to the Magic Kingdom where he accompanies you to Space Mountain. You look up at the “stand-by” marquee and notice a 180 minute wait time as you breeze past a long line of guests and enter through the fastpass queue…without a fastpass.  You subsequently have the same experience at Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, Journey of the Little Mermaid, Jungle Cruise, Buzz, Peter Pan and Pooh.  All of these attractions experienced while the same folks are still standing in line back over at Space Mountain.  Sounds crazy right?

That’s what you get with Disney’s VIP Tour Services. And these services don’t come cheap!

A Disney Resort guest is going to pay $315 and hour for the service ($355 on holidays). Sure you can have up to 10 people in your party but the minimum tour time you must book is 6 hours.  That’s $1,890 for the day. Some may not bat an eyelash at that price…but others may not have even paid that much for their entire Walt Disney World vacation.

If you could get a group of 10 friends together this doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. $189 per person with a private guide that will drive you to all four theme parks in a day and escort you on each and every ride with little to no wait.

What’s Your Thoughts on the Disney VIP Service? Yay or Nay?


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