Top 5 Freebies at the Walt Disney World Resort

i love freebies disneyFreebies you say?  Freebies at Walt Disney World?  “Why yes Virginia, there are freebies at Walt Disney World.”  And here is our list of the top 5 freebies at the Walt Disney World Resort!

5. Duffy Kidcot Souvenir – Looking for a free souvenir to take home? Pick up a “Duffy” Kidcot souvenir in Innoventions at Epcot and take a stroll around World Showcase. Pop into the Kidcot area at each of the World Showcase country pavilions for a special stamp on your Duffy stick, color and then have the characters around World Showcase sign your Duffy Souvenir. It’s Free!

4. Celebrate Buttons – “What will you celebrate?” It seems as though everyday is a cause for celebration at the Walt Disney World Resort. If you are celebrating something while visiting Walt Disney World let it be known by grabbing one of the free “Celebrate” buttons available at any Guest Relations counter throughout the parks. From birthdays, to anniversaries, to 1st Visits and everything in between, there’s sure to be a Disney Celebrate Button to commemorate the occasion!

3. Ghirardelli Chocolate in Downtown Disney – It’s hard to walk by Ghirardelli Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop in the Downtown Disney Marketplace without swinging in for a free square-de-jour! Simply enter the doors to the Chocolate Shop and you’ll be rewarded with a free piece of Ghirardelli’s chocolate! Nestled in between the “Basin” and “Team Mickey”, it’s a must-do when strolling around Downtown Disney.

2. Soda at Club Cool – Tucked into a corner of Future World in the Epcot theme park is a magical place where you can cool off from the Florida heat, sample some free soda and get your shoe stuck to the floor. Joking about the floor part, well kinda. Club Cool has eight different varieties of soda from all over the globe and you can drink free-of-charge till your thirst is quenched, or at least until “Beverly” stops you dead in your tracks.

and the TOP #1 Spot goes to……(drum roll please)…..

1. Fastpass – These little beauties give you the “power” to skip the line at some of Walt Disney World’s most popular attractions. Depending on what time of year you visit the Walt Disney World Resort, lines can reach in excess of 120 minutes for some of the more popular attractions. Armed with your park entry ticket and a little planning you can turn that wait time into something significantly smaller with the use of Disney’s free Fastpass system available at all four Walt Disney World theme parks.  And almost as good as the freebies are the great offers that Florida4Less has to offer on your next visit to the Walt Disney World Resort.

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  • Nobody loves free stuff more than I.  On the west coast we have’nt had alot of free stuff since the  “YEAR OF A MILLION DREAMS” , now those were the good old days LOL. Of course we do get a wide variety of free buttons just for the asking and until a couple weeks ago , free tortillias and free bread in DCA. My personal favorite , and the deciding factor for my favorite restaurant is FREE DRINK RE FILLS  when dinning at the PLAZA on Main St. I will say that Fastpasses have never been anything I have considered FREE lol. Its really hard to look at anything for free though especially for the poor individuals paying more than $100 a day for the experience.  Free chocolate though , thats great! We are looking forward to enjoying the same in the not too distant future at California Adventure. It has been mentioned that the park could soon be getting Ghiridelli as a replacent to occupy the space recently vacated by the MISSION TORTILLIA  factory.  Now as far as Duffy , well I was always taught , “if you cant say anything nice ” you know thw rest, I will never be a Duffy fan  :0)

  • I haven’t taken a liking to the Duffy madness either. It didn’t take the 1st time they released it as the Disney Bear and I’m not sure why they did it again. I much preferred the masks that you could decorate at Kidcot.

  • Nothing better than free stuff from Disney

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