The Tonga Toast Crew at The Polynesian’s Kona Cafe and an American Idol Experience Shoutout

Tonga Toast Crew

Sean Klitzner, Amanda Tinney, Vanessa Aguillon, Charles Aguillon, Rick Howard

Think this blog post title is a tad bizare?  Let me explain.

My buddy Charles Aguillon and his wife Vanessa decided to organize a Tweet Up (meeting of Twitter users not online, but in a physical location) at Disney’s Polynesian Resort during their most recent vacation.

We settled on Kona Cafe and I psyched myself up for some Tonga Toast (their signature breakfast entree).  A few days later Charles discovered a video that Rick Howard and I shot at the Kona Island Sushi Bar. As luck would have it…Rick just so happened to have plans to be in Walt Disney World the morning that our breakfast was scheduled, so naturally Charles invited him to the Tweet Up.  My girl Aurora Moore caught wind of the growing event and decided to bring her hubby James along for some breakfast as well.  From there the ADR kept growing.  We added our friend and Disney Moms Panelist Suzannah of Zannaland

James Moore, Suzannah Dimarzio & Family, Sean Klitzner, Amanda Tinney

James Moore, Suzannah Dimarzio & Family, Sean Klitzner, Amanda Tinney

and four of her family members and then the crowning jewel of the group, and our morning comic relief was Sean Klitzner, host of the American Idol Experience at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

On a side note, Sean informed us that he had just received an email that a long-lost relative in Mumbai had left him a large sum of money and that it should be wired into his bank account that evening. VERY EXCITING!  Though he couldn’t figure out why the message ended up in his SPAM folder.

Now onto the food…  Tonga Toast is a legend amongst Kona Cafe diners. I decided against angioplasty that morning and let the other hungrier members of our group enjoy the deep fried, cinnamon-sugar coated, banana filled, buttery syrup covered bundle of goodness and opted for something a little less filling.  Here is the Tonga Toast in all it’s insulin laden glory…

Tonga Toast Disney Polynesian Resort

So…Tonga Toast will run you $10.99 and you may not have to eat anything else until dinner.  It is described as banana stuffed sourdough bread, rolled in cinnamon sugar and served with Strawberry Compote and your choice of ham, bacon, or saussage.

I opted for the Two Eggs Your Way breakfast $9.99 as there really wasn’t much else on the menu that looked light enough for me to eat. I am not a big breakfast eater.  We joked that the two eggs must have come from an ostrich cause they took up the majority of the plate.  The meal came with a biscuit, home fries, and your choice of meat.

Kona Kafe Breakfast

Another unique item you can order here is the Macadamia Pineapple Pancakes $9.99.  These come loaded with pineapple sauce and your choice of breakfast meat.

Kona Kafe Macadamia Pineapple Pancakes

Here’s a pic of The Big Kauna $11.99.  This entree will get you a serving of French Toast, Macadamia Pineapple Pancakes, eggs, home fries, ham, bacon AND saussage!

Big Kahuna Breakfast at Kona Cafe

Ever had greens for breakfast?  This dish looked mighty interesting. The Samoan $9.99 is poached eggs with Hollandaise sauce served over smoked pulled pork hash.

The Samoan at Kona Cafe

We had a few mini-mouseketeers in our group…what better than mickey pancakes and fruit ($5.09) to jump start our little nuggets’ day?

Mickey Pancakes

American Idol Cast Crew JacketAfter we finished up our breakfast and I tried to steal Klitzner’s Jacket… to no avail… Our group headed over to Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  (Despite the advice of Touring Plan’s Lines App, which said we should avoid Animal Kingdom that day)  The place was packed!  After fighting our way off of Kilimanjaro Safari and back to the front of the park we decided to head on over to Disney’s Hollywood Studios to catch the 4 o’clock show and see our buddy Sean Klitzner in action.

This is where the Tonga Toast Crew Shoutout will be explained.  If you follow Sean on Twitter you know that he has, in the past, offered you a chance to become part of the show while sitting in the audience.  Watch his tweets for something similar to this “The American Idol Experience Inside Scoop!: Hosting PM shows Fri-Sun. If u come & tweet me ur name, ill give a shoutout! THIS WEEKEND ONLY!”  It’s totally RAD…Here’s our shoutout!


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