The Three o’clock Parade Gets a Fastpass at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Disney Fastpass Magic Kingdom Parade

Walt Disney World is testing a new restricted parade viewing area with its FASTPASS System.  I was at the Magic Kingdom the day before yesterday walking from Liberty Square to the HUB when this sign (which was tucked away behind a building) caught my eye.  Apparently the Magic Kingdom is testing a reserved parade viewing area concept which is toggled to their FASTPASS system.  I spoke with a Cast Member who told me that as of right now the FASTPASSES are randomly being distributed in the morning time to guests entering the Magic Kingdom (Year of a Million Dreams style).  The reserved area is a crescent shaped section of the HUB directly in front of the castle stage.  The photos below of the roped-off reserved area were taken from the Liberty Square side of Cinderella Castle facing Main Street U.S.A. just to give you an idea of where the viewing area is located.

Magic Kingdom Parade FASTPASS Viewing Area

Magic Kingdom Parade FASTPASS Viewing Area


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