The Decoded Secret Language of the Walt Disney World Cast Member


If you were at the Walt Disney World Resort and you overheard an employee say the following….Would you know what it meant? “I saw a CM from the GMR that was “Cross-U”ing at the Red Roof Inn who had to take care of a protein spill.” (That was a mouthful)

If that sounded like a foreign language to you, then you might need to brush up on your “Disney”speak. Cast Members have a language all their own. Just like any other group of like-minded individuals, they use this coded language when talking to one another. You might find Texters and Twitterers shortening sentences so that they can get their point across quickly (LOL, ROTFL, BTW, FYI). Disney Cast members have their own lingo as well. Some of these Disney slang terms you may already be familiar with. Some I have omitted out of respect and safety for Cast Members as well as the Guests themselves. Here’s a few fun slang terms you might hear on your next trip to WDW….. (I’ll also give you the tools to decode the sentence in the first paragraph of this blog post.)

* CM – Cast Member
* Protein Spill – basically puke, pee, or poo
* TTC – The Transportation and Ticket Center
* The Studios – Disney’s Hollywood Studios
* On Property – Anywhere on Disney Property
* On Stage – Any public guest area
* Backstage – employee only areas
* The Red Roof Inn – The Grand Floridian
* The Poly – The Polynesian Resort
* The Village People – Polynesian Cast Members
* The Toaster – The Contemporary Resort (In case you didn’t grow up in the early 1900’s please click here for a visual reference)
* Cross-U – To work in a location different than the location you were hired
* 101/102 – Attraction down/operating
* Full Time/CR/CT – Employment status: Full Time/Casual Regular=Part Time/Casual Temporary=Seasonal
* DU – Disney University
* PAC – Parade Audience Control AKA Crowd Control
* DAK – Disney’s Animal Kingdom
* MK – Magic Kingdom
* Utilidors – Tunnels under the magic kingdom
* GMR – Great Movie Ride
* B&B – Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage
* FOLK – Festival of the Lion King
* Epic – Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular
* LMA – Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show
* Coaster – Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster
* Tower – The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
* Mountain – Space Mountain
* Thunder – Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
* Splash – Splash Mountain
* Jungle – The Jungle Cruise
* HOP – Hall of Presidents
* TSI – Tom Sawyer Island
* Maingate – The pass that employees use to walk their guests into the park AKA Offices for Merchandise and Entertainment
* Vacation Planner – Ticket Seller in the front of the park
* Greeter – Turnstyle Operator at the main entrance to a park

There are dozens more words that I’ve left out but the ones above will give you a little bit of insider information for your next trip to the Walt Disney World Resort. Have fun eavesdropping!

Until Next Time,

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