Something New & Exciting is Opening at Disney’s Epcot Theme Park!


Wild_About_Safety_LogoUL…or Underwriters Laboratory is at it again! UL is the same company that partnered with the Disney Corporation on it’s “Wild About Safety” Campaign. I remember this campaign vividly, because each safety lesson was commemorated on a different Disney Pin… and I am, after all, one of the biggest Disney Pin Fanatics this side of the Mississippi. The “Wild About Safety” Campaign was aimed to educate Disney Resort Guests about the importance of safety in the parks. The story revolved around Pumba and Timon and their activities in the Disney Theme Parks. The campaign injected humor into each lesson to teach us how to have fun and be safe at the same time while touring the parks. Here’s a little reminder of the “Wild About Safety” Lessons that we learned. Thanks to PinPics for the images…


UL is now sponsoring the “Test the Limits Lab” in Innoventions East at Disney’s Epcot Resort. The Lab has been opened since 2003 and is roughly 3,000 square feet. As stated on the Underwriters Laboratory site, “The exhibit features five hands-on activities where kids of all ages can “test” products for safety the same way UL engineers do. Guided by highly trained Innoventions cast members, visitors to Test the Limits Lab can “implode” television screens, put vacuum cleaners through their paces and even drop 55-gallon barrels on firefighter helmets to see whether they can withstand the impact.” That sounds like fun for anyone!

I was touring Epcot the other day and I discovered something new…”The Safety Smart Lab”!!! Looks like UL is at it again…building yet another spectacular experience for us to participate in! This dome shaped building has been constructed adjacent to the “Test the Limits Lab”. I can’t wait to see what awaits us inside!!




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P.S. Want to know how to sneak in early to the 2009 Epcot International Food and Wine Festival!!??

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