Silent Saturday – Diamond Disney Dream Wedding Cake

Disney Fairy Tale Wedding Cake

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P.S. If you think this cake is special check out the Disney Fairy Tale Castle Wedding Cake which is twice the size!

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  • RoriTravel says:

    Wow – what an amazing cake! I can imagine how many dreams come true with a WDW wedding! So glad Disney added this.

  • Kelly Campbell says:

    LOL! That's my cake! I was the first Disney bride with it and DFTW started selling it after my 12/08 wedding! Cool to see it here on your site! : )

  • Awesome! We spent so much time looking for a hidden mickey on it but couldn't find one. How many people did that thing feed????

  • Kelly Campbell says:

    There isn't a hidden mickey on it- I'm sorry you spent so much time looking. Our wedding had very little “Disney” in it. I suppose I should clarify; we originally brought the idea of the swarovski crystal bands to DFTW. It was so much easier than going back and forth with the Pastry Chef to get the look I wanted. Our cake was 3 square tiers and fed 65 (we had 50 guests). The 5 tier round cakes typically feed 300 (ofcourse we had our entire 2nd tier leftover and served it at our farewell brunch the next morning so that tells you that what they consider a serving is a lot more than a normal person would eat!).

    Did you see the We TV show, “Disney's Dream Weddings”? My husband and I were the Wishes wedding featured.

    Glad you got to see Franck's! DFTW is just another great thing about WDW! : )

  • I don't have cable so I miss quite a bit =(

    Please tell me that Franck's is a play on the “Father of the Bride” wedding planner

  • Kelly Campbell says:

    Yes, it is because of Father of the Bride! Cute, huh? : )

  • Kelly Campbell says:

    Yes, it is because of Father of the Bride! Cute, huh? : )

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