Real Sunken Pirate Treasure Hidden Mickey

Sunken Pirate Treasure Hidden Mickey

The photo above is a 4 pound cannon ball with two clusters of 8 reale coins attached, just as the item was found on the shipwreck of the Miguel de Archangel at Jupiter Inlet, Florida.  This picture was taken by Peter Leo, one of the original salvors of the wreck, which sank in 1660.  The photo will be featured in a book by Dr. Robert H. Baer, scheduled for release by Signum Ops in the second quarter of 2011. Baer’s book deals with the wreck, its special cargo of “Lima Star” coinage and the recovery operations of modern day salvors over a 20 year period.  The wreck is still being actively salvaged.  The illustration below is a 3D virtual model of the Miguel de Archangel, fabricated by T.L. Armstrong, as it may have appeared when initially constructed.

Miguel de Archangel Ship

Did you know that there is also sunken Spanish treasure off the coast of Disney’s Vero Beach Resort here in Florida?


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