Phone Charging Lockers Being Tested in Walt Disney World at the Magic Kingdom

Bright Box phone charging station locket disney magic kingdom

Trying to get a signal in the Magic Kingdom is kind of like trying to get a face to face with Anna and Elsa. It takes a long time and you may have to stand in one spot forever.

Disney is trying out a new concept in the Magic Kingdom for folks whose phone batteries may have died in the process of looking for that elusive signal.  Two Bright Box charging lockers have been installed for guests to power up while touring the park. Once box is located in the Space Mountain gift shop and the other in Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe.

Simply swipe a credit cards to open on of the six lockers, plug in your phone with one of the three phone charging cords provided and then close the door. When you’re ready to retrieve your phone, swipe the same credit card and your locker will open. Here’s an overview on how BrightBox works:

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