More Evidence of a 2015 runDisney Marathon Weekend Disney Dream Cruise

runDisney 2015 disney cruise

Last month I wrote about the possibility of a Post Race Cruise After the 2015 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend.

Today my friend Mary Jo booked a Disney Cruise and brought some info to my attention that further confirms this theory.

For those of you not familiar with the Disney DREAM schedule, let me lay it out for you. For most of 2014 the Disney DREAM departs from Port Canaveral on three and four night cruises. The three night cruises leave on Thursday and return on Sunday at which time the four night cruises leave and return on Thursday and so the seven day cycle continues. This is how the schedule was set up every time I sailed the DREAM in 2013.

If you go to the Disney Cruise Line website and search 4-night cruises on the DREAM for January 2015 you will see that the schedule has been changed. Three nights depart on Friday and return on Monday and four nights depart on Monday and return on Friday. If we look backwards on the DCL booking website we see that there’s a change of schedule in October 2014. ¬†Thursday October 2nd, the DREAM leaves port as usual on her 3-night itinerary but then skips her Sunday night departure on October 5th pushing back her departure one day and setting sail on her 4-night cruise on Monday, October 6th.

If you look at the schedule for the 2015 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend you will see that the last race of the weekend, the Walt Disney World Marathon, is held on Sunday, January 11th. Runners have until around 2PM’ish to finish their race. The Disney DREAM pulls out of port around 5PM and cruisers must be onboard before then. It takes about an hour and a half to drive from Walt Disney World to Port Canaveral. This would be hardly enough time for runners in later start corrals to make embarkation onto the ship on Sunday. Because of the schedule change…the DREAM is magically leaving on Monday January 12th instead of her Sunday departures in the past.

Do you think this is a strong indicator of a runDisney Post Marathon Cruise Happeneing or just Wishful Thinking?


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