Inaugural 2014 Dopey Challenge Part 2 – 2014 Walt Disney World 10K Race Recap

rundisney 2014 walt disney world 10k minnie race amanda tinney

Day two of my four day Dopey Challenge started out a little rough. I was staying at Saratoga Springs Resort with friends in a one bedroom and had decided to try the pullout couch.  Mind you, I sleep at home on a cushy pillow topped mattress.

I had never slept on one of Disney’s pullout couches before and needless to say will never sleep on one again. I use the term “sleep” loosely. I think I got about two hours of shut eye that night and woke up with a massive migraine around 2:30 AM.

I took some Tylenol and tried to lay as still as possible, but there was zero relief.  I got up. And proceeded to get ready for my race around 3:30 AM when my girlfriend Leslie woke up. She too was running the 10K and I was meeting my daughter Alexus in the Epcot parking lot around 4:30AM.

rundisney 2014 walt disney world 10k minnie race start line

Besides the headache and lack of sleep, the legs felt really good. I had taken it easy all day after the 5K. When we got to Epcot I found my kiddo and we filed into Corral E like we’d done the day before for the Disney Family Fun Run 5K.  Once again, in the last corral, I knew this was going to prove challenging trying to navigate around a lot of the walkers.

When the fireworks sounded Alexus and I took off and shuffled along behind the rest of the thousands of runners in front of us. The 10K was going to be a “grass race”, meaning we spent about 90% of it running in the grass. Probably not the smartest thing for someone to do who has a half marathon and a full marathon to run in the next two days because grass  is a dangerous place for runners to run. You never know when you’re going to encounter a pothole and twist your ankle.

rundisney 2014 walt disney world 10k minnie race mile 3

Luckily once we made it over the first overpass the road branched out into about five lanes which gave us a lot of room to navigate around other people.

Around mile four we started heading into the backstage area of Epcot. And then, like the 5K the day before, out into World Showcase. Check out the UP get up! This “Kevin” ran the entire race with this contraption on. Absolutely amazing.

rundisney 2014 walt disney world 10k minnie race kevin from up costume

We hooked a left out of World Showcase and started our trek around Disney’s Boardwalk. It was at this point that we ran into one of our friends Ashley and we ran with her for a small piece. We also ended up finding our friends Mark and Amy and ran with them the rest of the way.  Love these two…here’s their finish photo.

rundisney 2014 walt disney world 10k minnie race finishers

Once we’d made it to the front of Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, I caught up with my friend Jamie and we shuffled along with her for a little bit too. That’s the great thing about these runDisney races. So much fun and so many familiar faces. Not to mention the fact that 5K’s and 10K’s are ideally “fun runs” where people aren’t taking themselves too seriously.  How cute is she in this Minnie inspired race costume?

rundisney 2014 walt disney world 10k minnie race amanda tinney

We weren’t quite done yet.  We headed back onstage into Epcot, around Spaceship Earth and then through a small backstage area where we saw Genie and Lumiere.

rundisney 2014 walt disney world 10k minnie race backstage

And then voila! The finish line! So proud of my daughter Alexus. Minnie 10K in the bag! And a finish line pic with my girl Karen! I really need to get on the race costumes y’all!

rundisney 2014 walt disney world 10k minnie race amanda tinney

You know what time it is now? Kouzzina time! That’s right! Best breakfast on property and this would be day 2 in a row that I grabbed breakfast here. After the 5K, my friend Carrie and I grabbed breakfast there as well. Wanna know what the fuss is all about? Read this post: Review of Breakfast at Cat Cora’s Kouzzina Restaurant on the Disney Boardwalk

disney kouzzina waffles

We ran into my pal Marc who had also completed the 10K.

rundisney 2014 walt disney world 10k minnie raceAfter our bellies were full we headed back to Saratoga Springs to meet up with another couple who had just drove down from Savannah, GA. My pal Marc would be running in the Walt Disney World Marathon on Sunday.  We all filmed a quick Travel with Rick runDisney episode before heading to Downtown Disney and grabbing an early dinner at Splitsville.

disney saratoga springs travel with rick episode rundisneyI opted for this ginormous BBQ Chicken Salad. Omnomnom. This was also day two in a row for dining at Splitsville as well. You can find out why and see lots of food porn if you read this post: That Time We Ordered 12 Items Off the Downtown Disney Splitsville Menu {A Huge Restaurant Review}

splitsvile bbq chicken salad downtown disney

My pal Rick ever so graciously offered to head on home and let me share the King bed with my pal Leslie for the remainder of the weekend since I would be running the next two days. Thanks Rick!  We set the alarm and headed to bed around 8PM.

rundisney 2014 walt disney world 10k alarm clock

 Leslie and I would both be running in the Walt Disney World Half Marathon the following day and we would need all the sleep we could get…


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