In Honor of the Boston Marathon Spectators

Spectators. It’s what MAKES a marathon a marathon. Friends, family, loved ones, fellow runners, volunteers.  On the sidelines, in the stands, waiting with hugs at the finish line.

I am a runner. As one, my heart goes out to the thousands of athletes who were unable to complete their journey yesterday. I’m sure there are finishers who may be wrestling with guilt today…”why was I able to finish when others were not?”  And to the runners whose family members were injured or even killed yesterday my heart is especially heavy for you.  It was the spectators who paid the ultimate price yesterday in Boston. Moms, dads, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters…children…strangers.

there are no words…

Today’s post is dedicated to you…the spectators. The ones who watch as we selfishly take hours for ourselves in training. The ones who get up at ungodly hours of the morning to stand in sometimes horrible conditions on the side of the road for hours. The one’s who take time to create signs. Who clap till their hands are raw. Who shout out words of encouragement till they lose their voices.  I honor you today!

I am a runner. Today I stand with Boston. I stand with the spectators. We will never forget.

race spectators


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