Happy Birthday Epcot – Here Are 30 Things I Love About You

Dancing_Fountain Amanda Tinney Epcot Center 80s

Dear E.P.C.O.T. Center,

You turn 30 today! My how you’ve grown! So have I, but in both of our hearts lives a “Tomorrow’s Child”.  Just so you know how much I adore you, I thought I’d list the 30 things I love most about you for your 30th birthday.

  1. Figment and Dreamfinder
  2. SMRT-1 Robot
  3. The smell when you enter the dino room for the first time on The Universe of Energy
  4. Tapestry of Nations Parade
  5. Kitchen Kabaret
  6. Captain EO
  7. The International Food and Wine Festival
  8. a chance to to fank the Phoenicians
  9. Trying to grab the gold ring in Magic Journeys
  10. The Magic Journeys Kodak pre-show sung to “True Colors” that moved me to tears even as a child
  11. The future playground “Image Works” on the second floor of the Journey Into Imagination pavilion
  12. The jumping fountains
  13. Listen to the Land…currently Living with the Land “Just make believe you’re a tiny little seed”
  14. Horizons
  15. World of Motion
  16. The HP Lounge
  17. The Siemens Lounge
  18. Throwing snow in Ice Station Cool…currently Club Cool
  19. Building and riding my own roller coaster at the CommuniCore Compute-a-Coaster
  20. Shopping on the 2nd floor of the Centorium
  21. Eating a potato for lunch from the Farmer’s Market in the Land…currently Sunshine Seasons
  22. Watching my daughter bake chocolate chip cookies at the Junior Chef program
  23. Soarin’
  24. Around the World at Epcot Segway Tour
  25. IllumiNations Reflections of Earth…especially “We Go On”
  26. SeaBase Alpha Hydrolators
  27. The Boulangerie Patisserie in France
  28. The Omnibuses
  29. Buying tissue paper flowers from the Mexico pavilion
  30. All of the music from the park which was, and still is, the soundtrack of my childhood!

How about you? What do you love most about Epcot?


  • amberaryssabrooke says:

    Oh Amanda, you do make me smile. I can’t make a top 30 right now, so I’ll do a top 5.

    1. Tapestry of Dreams parade at sunset. Hearing the music in the distance while I walked out from my dinner break backstage each night as a CP.. it is my happy place.
    2. Norway’s Schoolbread
    3. Those damn flag shirts and white shorts/pants. I hated wearing them at the time, but now when I see them, they make me nostalgic.
    4. Meeting Amanda Tinney for the first time in front of Canada. My Disney sister, my far away friend.
    5. The Canadian boys in their lumberjack shirts – best costume luck ever. And eye candy to boot.

  • I adore this whole post – how wonderful and could that picture be any cuter???? Love ya!!

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