Food, Drinks and Fireworks at Disney’s Top of the World Lounge

Top of the World Lounge menu

If we follow each other on Gowalla and/or Foursquare you may know that I like to frequent a little place called “Top of the World Lounge” at Disney’s Bay Lake Tower.  Bay Lake Tower is the Contemporary’s Disney Vacation Club Property.  The lounge is only accessible to guests staying at Bay Lake Tower and their family and friends.  It is located on the very top of the resort and is open nightly from 5pm until midnight.  If you’d like a tour of a Grand Villa and photos from the lounge check out this post I did last year.

Tour of Disney’s Bay Lake Tower Grand Villa and Top of the World Lounge

I met up with some friends recently at the lounge and had a chance to sample some lite bites that are being offered. I also got a look at the new signature cocktail menu.

Top of the World Lounge Signature Cocktail Menu

A little birdie told me that there were a few drinks that didn’t make the “Top of the World” Signature menu. Two of them were the “Space Monkey” and non-alcoholic “World Juice”.  Here’s a look at a few of the standard drinks you can get at most of the lounges across Disney property.

Disney Cocktails

I oscillate between two beverages when I go to the “Top of the World”.  The Dogfishhead 60 Minute IPA beer…

Dogfish Head IPA Beer

…and the Godiva Chocolate Martini (Don’t worry…I didn’t drink em all)

Godiva Chocolate Martinis

I also recently had a chance to sip a friend’s sparkling wine (Banfi Rosa Regale) and I may be hard pressed not to order it the next time I’m up at the lounge.

Here’s a look at the Chicken and Vegetable Summer Roll ($10.49). I think that is a peanut sauce that it is served with. I had a bite of the roll without the sauce and it was very dry and bland.  I’m guessing that I would have enjoyed it much more with the sauce.

Chicken and Vegetable Summer Roll

I ordered the Buffalo Mozzarella Flatbread with Roma Tomatoes and Pesto ($7.49) It was delicious and just the right accompaniment to my beer.

Buffalo Mozzarella Flatbread

My friends were excited to try out the Creamy Indulgence Dessert Trio ($7.99) but they were out of it.  Instead we were offered something new that the lounge was trying out. A decadent three layer chocolate cake. Our server told us that they were toying around with the idea of serving the cake with milkshake shots on the side. YUM-O!  The cake was out-of-this-world and I hope it makes it onto the menu!

Chocolate Cake at Top of the World Lounge

Here are a few more drinks available at the lounge.  The famous Disney Blue Glow-tini

Disney Blue Glowtini

…and the Habanero Lime Margarita…

Habanero Lime Margarita

There are also two of the BEST cast members you will EVER meet bartending at Top of the World Lounge. Mike and Brucie ! You will LOVE them!!!

…but the best part about Top of the World Lounge is THE VIEW!!!!

Wishes Fireworks from Top of the World Lounge

It’s the perfect spot to watch “Wishes” fireworks.  They even pipe the music in.  And after the fireworks are through, head on out to the smaller rear balcony and watch the Electric Water Pageant to finish off the evening.  Don’t forget to take a peek at the Tinker Bell Sink in the restroom before you leave!