Find Out How Much Walt Disney World Pays in Taxes

Income Tax

Disney is the largest taxpayer in Central Florida, paying approximately $566 million in state and local taxes each year and because they straddle the line in two different Florida counties (Orange and Osceola), both counties benefit from this money generating giant.

  • Walt Disney World Resort pays approximately $105 million annually in ad valorem taxes; an estimated $92.7 million is paid to Orange County and more than $10.9 million to Osceola County. 
  • In Orange County, Disney pays more in taxes than the next 10 highest county taxpayers combined. Approximately $46 million of those funds go directly to education.
  • Disney generated approximately 33 percent of the Tourist Development Taxes collected in Orange County and approximately 24 percent of these taxes in Osceola County in 2013.
  • Disney paid or collected more than $495 million in state sales, use and communications taxes and local resort taxes for the surrounding communities in 2013.
  • In addition to the county taxes, Walt Disney World Resort paid more than $77.8 million in taxes to the Reedy Creek Improvement District in 2013. These tax dollars go toward building hundreds of millions of dollars worth of public infrastructure at no cost to taxpayers.