Epcot World of Motion Ultimate Tribute Video

World of Motion Epcot

Full backstory from the 1978 Transportation pavilion to Motion. Full concept and construction section, maps of the building, ride and Transcenter, then full multi angle ride thru of the attraction with full source music & narration, and enhanced audio fx. Also features improved enhancement of the Center Core finale. Old School E.P.C.O.T. Center Fans…You’re welcome.


  • Caryn Schmidt says:

    I really appreciate your posting this! I was at Epcot at the opening in 1982 and several other times since then. I took my honeymoon there in 1999 and could not remember which pavilion this ride was in. Every time I got on a ride, I was disappointed that it was not this. I also seem to remember an interactive part of the exhibit, but I’m not sure it was the same pavilion either. Test Track seems to have problems every time we go to Epcot so I have never ridden it until this past April when I was there with my husband and kids. Once again it had problems (40 minutes in Fast Pass because it kept breaking down!). We did get to ride it and shortly after we finished the ride, it once again shut down for the day. I must say, even without the ridiculous wait time, I was really disappointed. Sometimes the Executives at Disney make bone-headed decisions…

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