Do You See Hidden Mickeys Outside of Disney?

If you are a regular reader of my blog and are familiar with Twitter you can summize that Twitter and I are fast friends.  I was reading a Tweet from @ScottJoseph in my Twitter timeline.  Here’s the screenshot…


I was flattered that Scott felt that my guest post on The Disney Food Blog was relevant enough to tweet about, so I took a look at his Twitter Bio and saw that he was “Central Florida’s Most Trusted Restaurant Critic.” (Restaurant…I always have to respell this stinking word ten times before my spell checker tells me I have it right… arg!)  Scott had a link to his website, Scott Joseph Orlando, posted so I decided to click it.  Turns out Scott Joseph has written thousands of restaurant reviews for the Orlando Sentinel, along with numerous articles, profiles, and additional columns.  So obviously his site is tailored towards the foodie.



Which brings me to my next point and the purpose of this blog post.  I scrolled down midway through his main page and saw of all things… a Hidden Mickey!  His site is not a Disney site mind you… but there, in all its glory, under the heading “Plucky Plums from the Divas” was a classic hidden mickey!  This…. people…is how my mind works!  Many years of living the Disney Lifestyle has conditioned my brain into seeing what the average reader, and probably Scott himself when creating this post, did not see.  Three perfectly positioned purple plums placed just so… (say that three times fast!)

I have caught myself discovering unconventional Hidden Mickeys over and over again at various non-Disney locales.  I’ve even noticed my daughter pointing them out to me as well.  It’s just a part of that Disney Magic that I carry everywhere with me.  I just can’t help myself! “I See Hidden Mickeys”, (I am using the voice of Hailey Joel Osment in The Sixth Sense)

Until Next Time,


P.S. Do you see Hidden Mickeys at places other than the Disney parks?  If you do, then you have been conditioned, just like I have with discriminating Disney eyes.  I would to love hear where you have seen them. Please tell me your story in the “Comment” section below so that I know I’m not alone. If you would like for me to post a picture mail it to and I will get it up on my website.

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Here’s a Hidden Mickey submitted by Megan Annunziata from PA. She shot this one at work.


These two were submitted by Anabella from Argentina. Very COOL! Reminds me of the Hidden Mickey created by the cats’ tails in Pirates of the Caribbean at WDW…


Hidden Mickey Sunset. A Fantastic Wedding Surprise from the mouse! Submitted by Danette in the Florida Keys!

Hidden Mickey Sun

Check out the Hidden Mickey that Mandi from New York found in her glass of ice water. COOL! (yes…pun intended)


This Hidden Mickey was snapped by Lynnette Perez’s boyfriend. (Lynnette was also the winner of the Disney Every Day Twitter Contest and won a $25 Disney Gift card!)  The baubles on her bracelet, which was not purchased at Disney, were perfectly lined up to make a Classic Hidden Mickey.


Tortilla Hidden Mickey submitted by Marc Bigbie…


Sharla Manglass spotted this hidden mickey in, of all places, the Grand Canyon!


My Twitter buddy @TikiTommy1960 discovered a Hidden Mickey in his local grocery store in So Cal


Brace yourself for Twitterer @sambycat’s Hidden Mickey…or as she calls it Hidden Icky


Twitter user @BatGirl76 found that even the littlest creatures are BIG on Disney



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