Do You Collect Disney Itty Bittys from Hallmark? FROZEN’s Olaf and Sven Are Coming Soon!

Hallmark Sven and Olaf Disney Frozen Itty Bittys

A little something to love. So many to collect. Hallmark itty bittys may be just four inches tall, but they are bringing big smiles to Hallmark Gold Crown customers nationwide.  Conceived by a Hallmark designer while doodling during a brainstorm, itty bittys are tiny plush collectible characters with big consumer appeal. The Hallmark itty bittys collection has grown from eight characters at launch to more than 50!

Some itty bittys are limited edition. They are available only for a limited time and often sell out quickly. Individually priced at $6.95, with collector sets priced at $29.95, itty bittys are available exclusively in more than 2,400 Hallmark Gold Crown stores nationwide. itty bittys provide a convenient, affordable and fun gift, and they appeal to collectors and fans alike.

There are several Disney characters that have already been released including Anna and Elsa from Disney’s “FROZEN“.

Hallmark Anna and Elsa Disney Frozen Itty Bittys

I got my hands on advance samples of Hallmark’s newest “Frozen” character itty bittys – Olaf and Sven to show “Disney Every Day” readers. Aren’t they cute!? Olaf and Sven itty bittys are scheduled to appear in Hallmark Gold Crown stores in late May. Collectors will be able to have a complete “Frozen” set very soon!

Hallmark Anna Elsa Sven and Olaf Disney Frozen Itty Bittys

You can see a list of itty bittys here on this itty bitty checklist.  For more information or to locate a Hallmark Gold Crown store, visit