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Excited to bring you this guest post by good friend John Saccheri (aka ChefBigFatPanda) @DisneyWorlds

Disney Universe is a solo or co-operative adventure game from Disney Interactive Studios.  You adorn costumes of your favorite Disney characters and enter worlds that are meant to be “danger free” versions of your favorites like “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Monsters Inc.” and “The Lion King”.  You quickly realize that these worlds have been taken over by some computer virus and are no longer “danger free” as they were meant to be. It is up to you to return them to their peaceful uncorrupted states.

Before considering any opinions, I think it is important to know a bit about the person giving said opinions. I have always been a video game fan, but am no longer the youngest little tike at Gamestop!  As a matter of fact, I am turning 40 next month, and I feel like the old man at the video game store.  I am a Disney fanatic, so that may sway my preferences somewhat. I am into fantasy games, love nostalgic games like Super Mario and despise war type combat games. So, take this review from that standpoint please.

Before purchasing Disney Universe, I saw many previews comparing it to the Lego series of video games. A series I find mediocre. I think it’s a fair comparison but I like Disney Universe so much better. Why?  The Disney theming is certainly more up my alley and the graphics are bright and crisp. The game play is varied enough that after an hour, I still wasn’t bored.


TRON Sam Flynn

You begin your adventure in “Pirates of the Caribbean”, and the familiar music plays in the background. You collect coins and find many shiny things yelling for your attention. At times it becomes a bit chaotic. You have to collect coins, put out fires, ride cannons, complete challenges and save trapped guests. Sometimes, all at once! There are boss fights and cool movie references along the way. I loved having to shoot cannon balls at a monstrous mermaid, to make her cry, to collect her tears. Funny stuff!

Playing with a friend was awesome! The camera is fixed and unlike the Lego games I didn’t find myself needing to be right next to my partner (on screen) or waiting for him to be closer until I could move again. We were both able to freely move and complete tasks without much bother. Prior to getting this game, I thought I was going to want to fight my partner and destroy him. Yes, you can do that, but the instinct is really to fight the common enemies and progress cooperatively to the next level. Every time I tried to foil my partner, it backfired on me and I lost points.

The characters you play as (little funny humans in Disney costumes) level up and collect coins. Coins are used to buy and unlock new costumes or new Worlds. You get to spend your points as you wish and open up the next world YOU choose. I went to Monsters Inc. after completing Pirates and am still on that now.

Disney Universe Mad Hatter

Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter

All in all, this is a fun casual game. It saves often enough that the commitment is not staggering. You can play for ½ an hour, put it down and come right back to the level you last completed, each world having many levels and environments. It’s fun, fast paced Disney themed gaming that is more fun with 2 players. There is no online play, so your second player needs to be in your household.

The only other game I am looking forward to more than this title is Kinect Disneyland Adventures where you roam the park freely, experiencing rides as never before. Look for a review on that after its release date on November 15th.

Thank you so much!

Disney Universe is now available on store shelves for Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC…


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