Disney Photobomb Friday: Disney Cruise Line Restaurants Are for Sleeping

Imagine my delight when I went to check out all of our professionally shot photos on the last night of our most recent Disney Cruise aboard the DREAM and discovered this gem.  Can you spot the photobomb? That’s a mirror inlay in the back of the booth that Cruise Teen and my friend Katherine were sitting in at Enchanted Garden.  Unintentional photobomb? The world may never know.

Disney Photobomb Friday Cruise DREAM Enchanted gardenIf you’ve ever been photobombed at Disney, I’d love to feature your funny photo here! Send your best photobombed pics to amanda@disneyeveryday.com to be featured in a future “Photobomb Friday” post.

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  • Britt A says:

    Haha! When I was a cast member, one of my co-workers and I would intentionally photo-bomb some photos hoping they would have a laugh when they saw it 🙂

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