Disney Mouse Ears Have Come a Long Way Baby

Mickey Mouse Ears SinageRoy Williams (of 1950’s Mickey Mouse Club TV show fame) may be the “godfather” of the Mickey Mouseket-ears worn by cast members, but I bet he never envisioned the styles that would be released nearly 60 years after his lightbulb moment!

Getting an embroidered set of Mouse Ears is almost a “rite of passage” when visiting the Disney Theme Parks.  And you have never had so much selection as you do today.

The Disney Merchandise Team has really gone above and beyond when it comes to offering up different styles of these precious souvenirs.  There’s something for everyone.  I especially love to see the styles that are released for special events and holidays!  Take a look at these toppers that I spotted at Disney’s Hollywood Studios today…

Bride Mouse Ears

Groom Mouse Ears

Princess Mouse Ears

Tinker Bell Mouse Ears

Cars Mouse Ears

Pink Princess Mouse Ears

Plaid Mouse Ears

Ed Hardy Mickey Ears

Princess Crown Mouse Ears

Infant Mouse Ears

Original Mouse Ears

Sorcerer Mouse Ears

Minnie Mouse Ears

Pink Minnie Mouse Ears

Birthday Mouse Ears

Pirate Princess Mouse Ears

Pirate Mouse Ears

Toy Story Mouse Ears

Fab Four Mouse Ears

Baby Girl Mouse Ears

Mickey Pants Mouse Ears

Blue Mouse Ears

Do you own a pair of Mouse Ears? Which ones? Are they personalized? Sound off in the comments section below! I tip my mouse ears to all of you for being here *mwah*


  • learobinson says:

    My kids have a lot of the ones you have posted here, but they're very first ones were the traditional ones (pink for my daughter and black for my son) with their names on them.

    I let them pick from there on out. We have Toy Story, several princess ones, pirate, Tinkerbell and the plaid one. Love Mickey ears and I firmly believe you can never have enough!

  • jhicks603 says:

    Toy Story ears! How cute!!! How have I missed these?

    The 80's teenager in me kind of likes the plaid ones, too. 🙂

  • My daughter has a black pair of ears, with “First Haircut” on them. She got her first haircut in the main street barber shop in Disney World. Other than that none of us have gotten ears, though we might have to get some on our next trip.

  • I personally have 5 pairs (My Happy Birthday ones dont look like the ones in the picture but are my Fav because they are from my 30th bday trip in 2008) My DD10 has 4, & my DD 2 has 1 from her 1st visit @ 8months for my bday. We always get a pair (usually 1st thing 1st day)
    I want several pairs pictured here! We have mine displayed in our soon to be here son's room as it is Mickey themed!

  • Sandy Goldberg says:

    My ears are a couple of years old – a Disney Princess pair in pink with the tiara and a chiffon veil trailing out the back. Given that I am not a child, to put it mildly, you should see the looks I get when I wear them! And oh yes, they certainly are personalized!

  • Well said! You can NEVER have too much Disney ºoº

  • Might be a new style since Toy Story 3 is soon to be released. w00t!

  • Wow! 1st haircut…I have not seen those. Do they sell them only in the Main Street Barber Shop?

  • Husband has relegated my Disney collection to my office only… =( Of course…I have snuck a few pieces elsewhere. Pirates….I guess Pirates are cool enough to make it into the living room =D

  • Sandy…I have a bejeweled tiara that I got from World of Disney that I love and I'm no kid. Rock it girl! Rock it!

  • Zanna says:

    Wow, they sure have! I'm really bummed the Alice ones seem to have sold out so fast! I really need a new pair of ears tho. I only have my original ones from the 80's with “Suzi” on the back lol and then a couple of graduation ears from the Disney College of Knowledge and DRC training. 😛

  • They were nice…I saw a few on ebay but they were going for $200!

  • frances says:

    i customize mine with the ears having different design and add a patch to the front,one of a kind mine.

  • Elisabeth says:

    I was lucky enough to be at Disneyland on the very day they released the Haunted Mansion ears. They are by far my favorite set of ears I have gotten.

  • Oooh…Haunted Mansion Ears! I would love to see them!

  • Debbie says:

    I have a pair of mouse ears from over 30 years ago. I was twelve at the time and made sure to get my name on the back. It was my first trip to Disney World and I remember telling the man with an embroydering to spell my name right.

  • irisofthewayfarer says:

    my personal favorite is the “mickey pants”. The little tail makes them extra special.

  • I thought those were so cute too.

  • Would love to see if DL's mouse ears are any different than the ones sold here at WDW

  • Harrisonlaural says:

    HELP – We were in Disney a year ago and my 6 year old got a pair of pink princess ears with the pink crown on top.  This morning our new puppy ate them!   I can’t find this style, only the pink princess ears with tiara and veil.  Does anyone know if there is a way I can get a pair of these without actually going back to Disney?

  • Loribeautymakeup says:

    I really want those toy story mouse ears disneyland no longer sells them anymore 🙁 

  • ines says:

    they sell them in paris i saw them yesterday

  • Rebecca says:

    I have been trying to find a solid pink ears that say my first ears. My daughter had a pair since she was born and they are messed up and I can’t find a replacement for it.

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