Disney Cast Member Scanned My Ticket with an iPhone for Park Entry

apple iphone scan disney ticket hollywood studios cast member

Very interesting happenings going on at the Disney’s Hollywood Studios turnstiles this week!

Cast member scanned our ticket with an Apple iPhone and then we walked in through a “red X” turnstile without placing our finger on the turnstile scanner for biometrics!  I asked the cast member how long the park had been allowing guests to enter that way and she told me about two weeks now. She was the only turnstile attendant allowing guests in this way and she was very unassuming. She actually appraoched us when we were trying to decide which turnstile had the shortest line.  I asked her what the system was called and she told me MATRA. Not sure what that acronym stands for.

Disney Next Gen ticketing system? Apple passbook? We shall soon find out!

…Reader Becca found this MATRA Link! Thanks Becca!


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