Day 4: Costa Rica Coast to Coast Adventures by Disney

Costa Rica Coast to Coast Adventures by Disney Volcano

Yesterday marked the halfway point on Travis and Rick’s ABD to Costa Rica!  You can see pics here from (Day 1), (Day 2) and (Day 3).  Here’s some photos from their adventure of Day 4…

Where the fellas had breakfast before heading out:

Tortuguero Costa Rica ABD

After hitting the water and then the road for a bit the next stop was lunch at Rancho Roberto’s Restaurant. Travis had a steak and Rick had this civiche…YUM!

Lunch at Rancho Roberto's Restaurant Costa Rica ABD

and for dinner…steak. What can I say? My man is a meat eating fool…

Disney ABD Costa Rica Steak

And this is what the boys awoke to this morning. The resort is at the base of a volcano! Stunning!

Costa Rica Coast to Coast Adventures by Disney Volcano

So here are some of the trip highlights if you are thinking this ABD might be for you:

Costa Rica Trip Highlights

Day 2 : Tortuguero National Park
Explore ancient forests by boat and search for exotic animals including mischievous monkeys, beautiful birds and giant sloths.
Day 3 : Pineapple Plantation Tour
Learn to live off the land at a real working plantation! Discover Costa Rica’s spirit of environmental respect and meet the people who live and work the earth every day.
Day 4 : Zip Lining in Arenal National Park
Zip line through treetops and soar across the sky above the rainforest canopy. Our guides help make this the thrill of a lifetime!
Day 5 : Tenorio River White Water Rafting
Shoot down roaring rapids and bob over gushing waters on the Tenorio River as you glide past a forest full of exotic creatures. Enjoy a rafting adventure in Class 2 rapids or opt for a serene paddle trip on quieter waters.

For more info on the Costa Rica ABD or to book it for yourself visit Kingdom Magic Vacations or call 1-866-972-6244