Day 1: Costa Rica Coast to Coast Adventures by Disney

Costa Rica Coast to Coast ABD

Yesterday two of my favorite fellas flew out of Miami for an epic 7 day Adventure by Disney trip… Costa Rica: Coast to Coast.  On the left, my buddy Rick Howard of Travel with Rick and on the right, my hubby Travis Tinney.

Their first night was spent at the Costa Rica Marriott in San Jose.  Here’s the itinerary for today…

Continental Breakfast and Flight
Kick off your week in the tropics with an early continental breakfast before you board a charter Otter Aircraft for an exclusive flight to beautiful Tortuguero. Its name meaning “Land of the Turtles,” Tortuguero is where the green sea turtles nest each year from July to September.

Arrive at Laguna Lodge
Once you land in Tortuguero, take a short boat ride to Laguna Lodge. With its organic architecture and whimsical interiors, this rustic lodge is nestled in the leafy rainforest overlooking a brilliant sapphire lagoon. Relax as your Adventure Guides will check you into your hotel. At a festive full breakfast, meet the other adventurous families that will share your journey through paradise!

Tortuguero National Park
Sea turtles, toucans, sloths, white-headed capuchin monkeys and more inhabit the network of marshy islands that comprise this dazzling national park. Various habitats such as wetlands, canals and beaches weave together to create a vibrant tropical tapestry. A local expert privately guides you by boat through this remarkable place as you explore the flora and fauna.

Visit to Sea Turtle Conservancy and Tortuguero Village
Travel by boat to the Sea Turtle Conservancy Center where you will learn about the renowned naturalist, Archie Carr, and his work with the endangered green turtles. Next, visit Tortuguero Village to see how the locals live. Wander the pathways that wind through this peaceful place—there’s not a car or motor bike to be found!

Lunch at Laguna Lodge
A delicious lunch awaits you in the hotel’s thatched-roof restaurant as you eat with the other hotel guests.

Afternoon On Your Own
Return to Tortuguero Village or just lounge at the lodge—spend your time this afternoon as you wish!

Welcome Dinner
After your day of discovery, celebrate your arrival with a festive hotel welcome feast arranged especially for Adventures by Disney Guests. Get into the groove with a calypso band when they join the festivities.

Junior Adventurers Movie Night & Stargazing
After dinner, Junior Adventurers can enjoy a private Disney movie presentation followed by stargazing with their families.

Nature Walk
Guests can opt to take a nighttime nature walk with a local expert to search for potential nesting sea turtles on the beach.* See if you can spot the green turtles, giant leatherbacks, hawksbill or loggerhead turtles that nest on the nearby beaches.

*Nighttime nature walk is available during Green Sea Turtles nesting season (July through September).

Sounds like quite an adventure and I am hoping they will have internet long enough to send me some more updated photos of their trip so that I can share them with all of you.

For more info on the Costa Rica ABD or to book it for yourself visit Kingdom Magic Vacations or call 1-866-972-6244