Create Your Own Mickey Mouse Ear Hat at Downtown Disney

Create Your Own Mickey Mouse Ear Hat at Downtown Disney

Create Your Own Mickey Mouse Ear Hat at Downtown Disney

…a look back…

This story was originally published on June 8th, 2010. Since that time the “Create Your Own Mickey Mouse Ear Hat” line has been discontinued. Walt Disney World’s Downtown Disney area has been transformed into Disney Springs.

I’ve decided to leave the original story as-is here for posterity’s sake…

At the Downtown Disney Marketplace, nestled right between The Art of Disney and Disney’s Design-a-Tee Shop you will find a small area dedicated solely to the iconic Mickey Ear Hat.

You can purchase a variety of pre-designed Mouse Ears here, but I was captivated by the “Create Your Own” Ear Hat station.  Sure…personalization is “HOT” right now but if you are looking for a souvenir to take home to that special someone who is hard to buy for, this may just be the shopping destination for you.

The concept is pretty simple really…

Step 1: Select Your Hat Base

Disney Mickey Ears Hat Base

There are several options available from basic black to pink and furry…

Mouse Ear hat bases

Mouse Ear Bases

Step 2: Select Your Ears

Select Your Mouse Ear Ears

Mouse Ear Ears

More Mouse Ear Ears

Step 3: Select Your Patches and Stick Them on Your Hat

Mouse Ear Patches

There are lots and lots of different patches available for personalization…

Mickey Mouse Patches

Mouse Ear Patches

Far Out Mickey Patches

Minnie Mouse Patches

Buzz and Pluto Patches

Tinker Bell Patch

Princess Patches

Donald Duck Patch

Chip and Dale patch

Muppets Patches

Step 4: Take to a Cast Member to Have Your Patches Attached and Your Name Embroidered

Embroidered Mouse Ear Hat

…and voila…your personalized mouse ear creation is complete!

If you could create a pair of mouse ears…what would they look like?


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