Contemporary Resort Hangs Gigantic Mickey Christmas Wreath

Do you love to deck out your home for the Holidays?  Disney sure does know what to do with it’s ‘Halls’. This year the Contemporary Resort has been bedazzled with a NEW Holiday accessory.  It’s a gigantic Mickey Christmas wreath and it has been hung on the exterior of the 4th Floor Concourse facing the brand new DVC Bay Lake Tower.


According to one security guard I spoke with, the wreath was installed overnight and although it looks like it has not been anointed with shimmery lights, I was assured that it was.


From this angle you can see that it stands about four stories high. Each story is roughly 8 to 10 feet, so I am guessing that the wreath measures a whopping 35 by 55 feet.  It is teathered with massive cables and anchored to the building’s concrete exterior.  The scaffolding was still up when I snuck outside to pop off a few shots with my Sony…


From this viewpoint it looks like the greens at my local Country Club when I’m trying to tee off and I keep digging in with my driver…. (shhh) I am assuming this is access for lights and to put the monsterous thing together.


Here’s a shot of it from the inside monorail platform.


I’m sure it’s magnificent lit up at night!  So…while we’re on the subject of Holiday decorations…What’s your favorite holiday decoration that you can’t celebrate without?

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