Come Join in the Fun at Walt Disney World During #EpicOctober2010

It'll look like this only about double the size!!! Photo propery of Lea Robinson

It'll look like this only about double the size!!! Photo propery of Lea Robinson

A LARGE gathering of Social Media Addicted Disneyphile Friends is about to take place at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. On Twitter we will be hastagging it #EpicOctober2010 (props to Charles Aguillon for picking this name and dating it since we know there will be more of these in the coming years). The festivities will span the dates of September 30th to October 4th, 2010.  The trip started as a vision to get a ton of online Disney Community Friends together in one place at the same time and take part in some of the festivities surrounding the Epcot Food & Wine Festival as well as the Inaugural Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend, specifically the Mickey’s Halloween Family Fun Run 5K.  There was a Food & Wine Festival 5K Group started on Facebook but not everyone is going to run the race so I thought I would compile a list of everyone who will be there for these EPIC Five days! If you’d like to register for the 5K please hurry! The race is already 80% Full as of the writing. NOW 98% FULL!!! Hurry! You can register here at

If I have left anyone out…I am so so sorry. Please email me at with your info and I will add you in. Also…if I missed an event please let me know so I can add it to the list. You can also Twitter or Facebook me as I am BAD about checking email.

We are a really FUN group and we welcome any other Disney NUTS like us to come on and join the fun! Can’t wait to see you there!

Here is a tentative schedule of what is going on…

Thursday September 30th, 2010

  • 1pm to 8pm Food and Wine Festival Soft Opening/Cast Member Preview
  • 5pm La Cava del Tequila #TikToc Tweet Up Epcot Mexico

Friday October 1st, 2010

Saturday October 2nd, 2010

Sunday October 3rd, 2010

Monday October 4th, 2010

  • Possible Tonga Toast Breakfast at Kona Cafe in the Polynesian

If you would like to try and be added on to any of the Disney Dining ADRs above please contact either Lea Robinson or Jennifer Meyering below…


Phillip Adams Twitter: @PAdams626 Facebook: Phillip O Adams

Charles Aguillon Twitter: @charlesaguillon Facebook: charles.aguillon

Vanessa Aguillon Twitter: @NessaAguillon Facebook: vanessa.aguillon

Megan Annunziata Twitter: @mla1977 Website: Megan in Wonderland

Steven Bassett Twitter: @WDWStevieB Facebook: steven.bassett Website: WDW Stevie B

Betsy Bates Twitter: @floridamingo

Kriss Bigbie Twitter: @lkb285 Facebook: kbigbie Website: Blazin’ Hot Sauce

Marc Bigbie Twitter: @mb168 Facebook: mbigbie Website:

Kristin Bourgeois Twitter: @DearYouLoveMom Website: Dear You, Love Mommy

Lori M. Burke Facebook: lorilovestigger Website: We Wants the Redhead

Bret Caldwell Twitter: @DonaldDuckDad Website: Walt Disney World Moms Panel

Shelley Caran Twitter: @shelleycaran

Shaene Carson Twitter: @shaene_o_mite Facebook: Shaene Carson

Tony Caselnova Twitter: @DBTN Facebook: DBTN1 Website: Disney By the Numbers

Tom Corless Twitter: @WDWNT Facebook: WDW News Today Website: WDW News Today

Traci Curth Twitter: @TraciLeigh Facebook: Traci Wunschel Curth Website: The View From My Fishbowl

Jillian Davis Twitter: @JL_Davis Facebook: Jillian L. Davis Website: Jillie Beanie Designs

Jim DeMarco Twitter: @JimGarth Facebook: jim.demarco Website: Dizney Crazy

Suzannah DiMarzio Twitter: @zannaland Facebook: suzannah Website: ZannaLand

John Donahue Twitter: @john_donahue Facebook: johncdonahue Website: John C. Donahue

Sarah Donahue Twitter: @sarahbird1 Facebook: Sarah_Trene Donahue Website: Sarah-Irene

Maria Elkin Twitter: @heavensent30 Facebook: maria.elkin Website: Obsessed With the Ears

Susan Fabiano Facebook: Susan Robison Fabiano

Rebecca Zeitler Farrell Facebook: rebeccazf

Kathie Flood Twitter: @magic2go Facebook: Kathie Misencik Flood Website: What Now Kathie?

Erin Foster Twitter: @MomsPanelErin Facebook: eefoster Website: Walt Disney World Moms Panel

Margaret Lumpkins Fries Twitter: @mefries Facebook: DisneyMomMargaret Website: Fries Family Five

Jackie Gailey Twitter: @jjzmgailey Facebook: Jackie Gailey Website: Mickey’s Magical Trip Tips

Jerry Gailey Twitter @BlkPearlDiver Facebook: Jerry Gailey

Joell Gaskill Twitter: @MumsieInFlorida Facebook: Joell Gaskill Website: Art Gypsies

JoVonn Givens Twitter: @jhgive Website: The Givens Chronicles: A Food Blog

Jodi Grundig Twitter: @JodiGrundig Facebook: jodigrundig Website: Jodi Grundig

Amanda Henderson Twitter: @alh1009

Don Henderson Twitter: @WDCCDuckman Facebook: Donald Henderson Website: Duckman’s Blog

Mary Henderson Twitter: @Tink302 Facebook: Mary Henderson

Miriam Mestre Hetzler Facebook: Miriam Mestre Hetzler

Rick Howard Twitter: @Rick_Howard Facebook: rickhoward01 Website: Travel With Rick & Kingdom Magic

Debbie Hudson Twitter: @dacanoli Facebook: DCANOLI Website: A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Elantrice Hughley Twitter: @EHugh

Doug Ingersoll Facebook: doug.ingersoll Website: Author of Complete Idiot’s Guide to Walt Disney World

Kaylene Andrews Jablecki Twitter: @memorymakermom Facebook: fivetimesblessed Website: Five Times Blessed

Allison Cammack Jones Twitter: @wdwfan Facebook: Allison Cammack Jones Website: Destinations in Florida

Tim Jones Twitter: @therealtimjones Website: Wizarding World Park

Shari Jung Twitter: @ShariJ Facebook: shari.jung Website: Shari in Wonderland

Amy Kaufman Twitter: @ibelieveinfaes Facebook: kaufmana

Steve Keeling Twitter: @Shaggysteve Facebook: Shaggysteve

Kristen Kirk Twitter: @DVCMom Facebook: DVC-Mom Website: The DVC Mom

JL Knopp Twitter: @NDM_1 Facebook: JLKnopp Website: The Disney Driven Life

Kristi Lacey-Patterson Twitter: @lacehaystack Facebook: Lace Haystack Website: The Lace Haystack

Kimberly LaPaglia Facebook: DisneyJourneysMom Website: Stop a Moment

Jenn Lazz Twitter: @DisneyGirlInNJ Website: Eat Sleep Run Disney

Banks Lee Twitter: @BanksLee Facebook: bankslee Website: WDW News Today

Daniel Lombard Twitter: @slt7500 Facebook: Daniel Lombard

Marc Lorenzo Twitter: @marcmantoo Facebook: marcmantoo

Chris Lowry Twitter: @Chris_Toffer Facebook: Chris.Lowry

Stephanie Lucas Facebook: Stephanie Hicks Lucas

Barry Luka Twitter: @IceN1ne

Sarah McGovern Luka Twitter: @Duchess_99 Facebook: sarah.mcgovern99

Samantha McNesby Twitter: @AboutWDW Website: Florida Travel

Stephanie McNulty Twitter: @Steph_in_MA Facebook: stephanie.mcnulty

Jennifer McCaulley Meyering Twitter: @Disneydreamer Facebook: Jennifer McCaulley Meyering Website: Always Running Behind

Lou Mongello Twitter: @loumongello Facebook: loumongello Website: WDW Radio

Mary Monk-Carpenter Twitter: @maryspixiemagic

Aurora Moore Twitter: @RoraBorieAlice Facebook: RoraBorieAlice Website: Tales of a Frumpy Mocha Princess

James Moore Twitter: @THATJamesMoore Facebook: James Moore

Heather Mruk Facebook: Heather H Mruk

Scott Nadeau Twitter: @CollecTM Facebook: Scott T Nadeau Website: Collect the Mouse

Rikki Niblett Twitter: @RikkiNibs Website: Be Our Guest Podcast

Carole Reid Oliver Facebook: carole.oliver

Dean Packingham Twitter: @DisneyDean Facebook: DisneyDean Website: My Disney Blog

Chrissy Grote Pagnotti Twitter: @dizny1 Facebook: chrissygrotepagnotti Website: Just Another Day in My Little World

David Parfitt Twitter: @MouseSkywalker Website: DIS Unplugged

Cheryl Perlmutter Twitter: @cherylp3 Facebook: cperlmutter Website: Cheryl’s Blog

Todd Perlmutter Twitter: @tperlmutter Facebook: tperlmutter Website:

Mike Rahlmann Twitter: @BeOurGuestMike Website: Be Our Guest Podcast

Shawn Rees Twitter: @dis_pod_review

Michael Remy Twitter: @MichaelRemy Facebook: mremy

Heather Roberts-Nault Twitter: @HopelessnFlawed Facebook: DisneyMom Website: Hopelessly Flawed

Lea McCormack Robinson Twitter: @MagicalMouseCap Facebook: learobinson Website: Lea’s Mousecapades

Ryan Robinson Twitter: @disneywidower Facebook: RYRYtheFrenchFry

Ricardo Rodriguez Twitter: @RJRRodriguez Facebook: Ricardo Rodriguez

Frank Rogers Twitter: @DisneyFrankness Facebook: DisneyFrankness Website: Mr. Franks Wild Ride

Lynne Ronemous Twitter: @Lynne_from_TX Facebook: lynne.ronemous Website: Wondering What’s Next

John Saccheri Twitter: @DisneyWorlds Facebook: ChefBigFatPanda Website: Chef Big Fat Panda

Deanna Simmons Twitter: @deefordisney Facebook: Deanna Simmons

Nicole Siscaretti Twitter: @njoysiscaretti Facebook: Nicole Siscaretti Website: N. JOY LIFE

Pam Szolscek Twitter: @SupaPamPam

Amanda Tinney Twitter:@amandatinney Facebook:TheAmanda Tinney Website: Disney Every Day

Travis Tinney Twitter: @travistinney Facebook: travistinney Website: Tinney Contracting

Leigh Trimaldi Twitter: @LeighMichele Facebook: LeighMichele Website: Singing AVON Lady

Kathy Werling Facebook: kathywerling Website: DISUnplugged

Rob Whitney Twitter: @rwhitneyjr Facebook: rwhitneyjr Website: Disney Family Man

Robert Wiseman Facebook: Robert Wiseman

A.J. Wolfe Twitter: @DisneyFoodBlog Facebook: DisneyFoodBlog Website: Disney Food Blog

Chris Wood Twitter: @chris889 Facebook: Christina Freels Wood Website: Everything Walt Disney World

Erin Worley Facebook: Erin Hanke Worley Website: Sometimes Life Gets In the Way…In a Good Way

Clif Wu Twitter: @bigreddog3109

Anthony Yacullo Twitter: @ayacullo Facebook: AnthonyYacullo Website: WDW News Today


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