Cinderella’s Demise aka If Cinderella Was a Western

Cinderellas Demise

Fourteen talented artists came together to make “Cinderella’s Demise” for The Great Pumpkin ASK.  The Great Pumpkin ASK is an annual event where Oregon artists create truly one of a kind Pumpkins to raise awareness and additional funds for child abuse prevention in Oregon.

The team responsible for hand-making all of the individual items that interact with the puppets seen in the upcoming stop-motion animation world of ParaNorman, LAIKA’s upcoming feature film, pulled together, in very short time, to create something very unique in pumpkin decoration. Their piece reflects a playful and mischievous take on the fable of Cinderella’s midnight ride.

Check out the “ParaNorman trailer below. The movie hits theaters next month. And no, it’s not a Disney film.