California Grill Sushi Prepared by World Renowned Chef Yoshi

photo property of oavil on flickr

photo property of oavil on flickr

Did you get a glimpse of the guy holding the three foot knife in my Whispering Canyon post? That’s my friend Rick Howard and he says that the absolute best sushi on Walt Disney World property is at The California Grill in Disney’s Contemporary Resort…Thus challenging the notion that I hold about Kimono’s in the Swan holding the title of “Best Sushi” on Disney Property.  He took me there the other day to prove his point.

Let me preface this by letting you in on a piece of Disney info.  California Grill is staffed by a world renowned Sushi Chef named Yoshi. Yoshi is one of the top sushi chefs in the United States.  In fact, the sushi chefs that opened the Kona Island Sushi Bar (full report at The Disney Food Blog) in the Polynesian were trained over at The California Grill…that’s how good the Chef is.

California Grill Check InThe atmosphere inside the California Grill is 5 Stars and the views from the restaurant are second to none. You must experience this restaurant to truly appreciate the grandeur that awaits you atop Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

The day that we dined, we did not have an ADR (Advanced Dining Reservation)…however, we asked to be seated at the bar and were easily accommodated as the restaurant had just opened for business.

Rick ordered a glass of wine and I ordered an iced tea as we sat and chatted up the bartender.  I took a look at the sushi menu and scanned intensely looking for the word “eel”.  Eel is my hands-down favorite when it comes to sushi. Rick, on the other hand likes spicy…the hotter the better.

I had a chuckle while placing my order.  “I’ll have a ‘Snake in the Grass'”, I said.  What’s a “Snake in the Grass” you ask?  Only 12 pieces of the most perfectly prepared sushi.  A “Snake in the Grass” is shrimp tempura, avocado and cucumber rolled in seaweed and rice, topped with barbecue eel and plated atop a bounty of sweet eel sauce.  The plating also provided me with a small sesame oil infused seaweed salad which was out-of-this world!  There was no need for soy sauce on this piece of culinary art.

"Snake in the Grass" Sushi Roll at Disney's California Grill

“Snake in the Grass” Sushi Roll at Disney’s California Grill

This roll is priced at $26 but is larger and offers more pieces than rolls that are portioned out into six or eight pieces and I was full after I had polished it off.

Rick ordered a Spicy Kazan Roll $22. I am a “spice chicken” and didn’t sample it, but here’s the picture…

Spicy Kazan Roll

Spicy Kazan Roll

Rick's Plated Flowers

Rick’s Plated Flowers

The Spicy Kazan Roll consisted of crab, shrimp, tuna, scallops and a fireball sauce and was served with a cool cucumber salad as an accompaniment.  The salad was topped with flower petals. I tried to get Rick to eat them but I was unsuccessful.

Rick ordered a second roll…The Tempura “Malibu” Roll ($21) and it was too pretty for me not to try.  This roll contained grouper, snapper, cobia, and hamachi rolled in seaweed and rice which is then tempura fried, sliced, and topped with tuna tartare and plated atop spicy sesame sauce. This roll comes with the phenomenal side seaweed salad that is served with the “Snake in the Grass” Roll.  It was spicy…but delicious!

Tempura "Malibu" Roll

Tempura “Malibu” Roll

So…whose cuisine reigns supreme?…..

I can’t say…I need to make another ‘research trip’ to both The California Grill and Kimono’s…Any volunteers? =)


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