Be Sure to Mail Your Coconut the Next Time You Visit Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World Coconut Mail

Walt Disney World Coconut Mail

Aloha! Experiment 626 Approved!  Who needs postcards when you’ve got Coconuts?!

While browsing through the “BouTIKI” Gift Shop at the Polynesian Resort, I noticed a basket of these next to the cash register. Aren’t they fantastic? And they were already stickered with official USPS Priority Mail labels.  Imagine the looks on the faces of your loved ones when they open their mailbox and see one of these bad boys instead of the requisite vacation postcard… Good Times!

Have you ever sent a coconut through the mail? I went to school in the Florida Keys and one of my Key West High School classmates sent one when she applied to Harvard…she got in! True story…. Aloha!

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P.S. Want to see how the Polynesian gets decked out for the Christmas Holiday?

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  • tikitommy1960 says:

    Theyve been doing this in and from Hawaii for many decades, I actually have a few vintage ones in my personal collection of Vintage Hawaiiana, wonder how much postage is on them now via Priority mail ? Shouldnt be more than $5 Very cool and fun for everyone , even the mailman , excuse me , letter carrier. Dont try to ever eat one though , they are pretty dry :0)

  • Rachel says:

    ive totally done this! my coconut is actually sitting on my window seat right now because i had to move a lot of things, but it came in the mail like 2 days after i got home I think. I sent it to myself to commemorate my amazing spring break trip with my best friend 🙂

  • What does the Tiki Wife think of all of your varied collections?

  • That's a great idea to mail it to yourself. Too bad it wouldn't fit inside the Mailbox on Main Street

  • lois vitton says:

    It sounds great!

  • Brenzsue says:

    We just received one in the mail from our neighbors after house sitting for them while on vacation. My girls LOVED it!

  • You should start a collection. Just ask everyone who visits to mail ya one ;o)

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