Wordless Wednesday – The Key to The Cinderella Castle Suite

Cinderella Castle Suite Key

Awarded to one Mom at the 2010 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. Yes, she was picked from the 105 attendees there and was allowed one night in the Cinderella Castle Suite. How lucky is that? Have you ever been in the Suite? I would love to hear about it. Drop me a comment below and tell us all about it.

  • It's one of me DREAMS to get to just see in that suite!! I hope it comes true some day. That night must've been so magical!!! Great picture!!

  • Amanda…we took a quick family tour of the suite in December 2007. I will try to get the pics (my Mom's). We even have a pic of Michael on the “royal throne”, if you will… :)

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  • OMG…I LOVE IT! If you get your hands on the pics and want to do a guest blog post here you are more than welcome to share with the group! I'm sure everyone would love it.

  • I have been inside the suite! Here a few of my flickr photos…http://www.flickr.com/photos/mommymusings/sets/72157611304609687/

  • Stef…You are AWESOME! Thanks for sharing these with us!

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  • So cool. I can't image how neat that must be to stay there. – Steve

  • Steve…I so wish I would have been the one selected to stay there that night. I have had the honor of getting a sneak peek at the suite and let me tell you…it's AMAZING!

  • Steve…I so wish I would have been the one selected to stay there that night. I have had the honor of getting a sneak peek at the suite and let me tell you…it's AMAZING!

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  • I have to say, a chance to stay the night there would be almost any girls dream come true. But i have a little secret! well…not such a secret anymore.. in March of 2009, my then fiance (now Husband) worked so hard, and after many “no’s” and quoting Mr Disney himself, He was able to surprise me by bringing me up to Cinderella’s Bedroom Suite,and give me the proposal of MY dreams!! After half a day of walking around the park, he brought me to the castle, they had closed off the hallway to onlookers, where a tour guide brought us upstairs. After gawking at the entry way, the elevator, and the foyer.. they opened the door to the beautiful suite. After “posing” for a picture with the glass slipper. He pulled the ring from his pocket and told me ” this isn’t just Cinderella’s fairy tale.. it’s yours too” “Jessica, will you marry me?”  We were under strict orders not to release our story publicly because they didn’t want a flood of callers asking for the same permissions. You see this was the first time ANYone has been able to have access for this reason, and it wasn’t an easy feat.. but we received an email last year, granting us permission to release our story, because they are even more strict about the accessibility and let us know not only was I the first to have been proposed to in Cinderella’s suite.. but they have let us know that I am also the LAST! So it does add a little more to our story, and I have to say that I am the LUCKIEST  woman in the world to be able to say that my proposal is a one and only kind of story 😉 Here is a link to our proposal… It still brings tears to my eyes every time i watch it 😉 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUzQ8CgoUyA