What are Your Six Degrees of Separation from Walt Disney?

Six Degrees of Separation, also referred to as The Human Web, refers to the idea that everyone is at most six steps away from any other person on Earth, so that a chain of, “a friend of a friend” statements can be made to connect any two people in six steps or less. Thank you Wikipedia!

I thought it would be fun to list my Six Degrees of Separation from Walt Disney…so, here goes!

First You Have Me! Ta Da!

#1 Amanda Tinney - That's Me

#1 Amanda Tinney - That's Me

Red Arrow Pointing Down

Next Up is Mr. Travis Tinney

Amanda Tinney and Travis Tinney

#2 Travis Tinney is my hubby

Red Arrow Pointing Down

Travis Tinney is the son of my Mother-in-Law

My husband belongs to my mother-in-law

#3 My husband belongs to my mother-in-law

Red Arrow Pointing Down

My Mother-in-Law was born & raised in Osceola County Florida where Walt Disney World is.  Her Grandmother was a Bronson, as in the main road through town (192) Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway.

#4 My Mother-in-law's Mother was a Bronson from Osceola County

#4 My Mother-in-law's Mother was a Bronson from Osceola County

Red Arrow Pointing Down

Irlo Bronson sells a large tract of land in 1965, which is later turned into Walt Disney World.

#5 In 1965 Irlo Bronson sells 8,380 acres of land to an unknown entity

#5 In 1965 Irlo Bronson sells 8,380 acres of land to an unknown entity

Red Arrow Pointing Down

Which brings us to the one and only Walter Elias Disney!

#6 That unknown entity is owned by Walt Disney!

#6 That unknown entity is owned by Walt Disney!

I would love to know what your Six Degrees of Separation are from Walt Disney.  Sound off in the comments section below!

Until Next Time,

P.S. Do you know the secret coded language of the Walt Disney World Cast Members?

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  • That is the most adorable picture you you and Captain Camo :)

  • Two steps.

    Me => former Imagineer George McGinnis

    <img src=”http://www.mouseplanet.info/gallery/d/98819-2/Mark_and_George.jpg”>

    George McGinnis => Walt Disney

  • im only 1 degree from walt – we have the same birthday!

  • Sharla

    Me–>Lou Manglass (my husband)
    Lou–>Lisa Manglass (his sister)
    Lisa went to grad school in Fort Collins, Colorado
    Fort Collins is home to Harper Goff, designer of Main Street USA and is one of the inspirations for Main Street.
    Main Street USA is also modeled after Marceline, MO, Walt Disney's home town.

  • Amanda! We have to compare family histories, I'm finding out a connection to the Bronsons too – we could be cousins-in-law or something!! 😉

  • This was at the camo fest! K92 FM All Star Acoustic Jam. We saw this there http://www.twitpic.com/yma6m

  • I knew you'd have a shortcut Goldhaber! =)

  • cha ching!

  • Nice job Sharla. I would love to visit Marceline!

  • For real?! You must tell me more!

  • What can I say? I know people. 😉

  • debbiehudson

    Okay, if you two are related, that would be scary! You already hit it off like wildfire. Finding out you are family would be the cherry on top. Right?

  • RoriTravel

    From what I heard conducing an interview, there are still many Bronson's around the area – cool you're one of them! And with how many I heard there were, I'm thinking you and Zanna could be related!
    My 6 Degrees throughout Hollywood are big due to some time in theatre/film, but in the quick – what I came up with-
    me – interview & work w/a couple PR people at the new Disney Family Museum in San Fran – Walt's daughter Diane – Walt

  • I guess if you go back far enough we're all related…. =)

  • I can do one of mine in one step and the other in two!

    For the one step, my next door neighbor works at Disneyland as part of the overnight landscaping crew!

    For the two step, I work for a company that has a Disney sub-license via Thomas Kinkade and I occasionally deal with DCP (Disney Consumer Products). Hmmm…since I sometimes deal with DCP mebbe it's a 1-1/2 step not a full 2?

  • Charles

    1) Me; 2) I watched “The Mickey Mouse Club” on tv; 3) I watched “The Wonderful World of Disney” on tv; 4) I watched “The Wonderful World of Disney in living color” on tv; 5) I have seen practically every Disney film; 6) I share Rachel's and Walt's birthday!

  • Wow! Walt's b-day….sounds like you've got 1 degree of separation