Walt Disney World Segway Wilderness Back Trail Adventure Tour

I was driving into the Wilderness Lodge the other day (no I didn’t crash my car through the lobby Dukes of Hazard Style) to take photos of the Christmas Decorations and I spotted this!…

Offroad Segway Tour

These lucky folks were in the midst of a Walt Disney World “Wilderness Back Trail Adventure” Tour on off-road Segways!

I soooo want to do this tour!

So FUN!!!!

I did the “Around the World at Epcot” Segway Tour and it was one of the best experiences I have ever taken part in at Walt Disney World. To be able to tool around World Showcase before any other guests were allowed there felt naughty and to ride a Segway at full speed through Epcot was exhilarating!

So I am wondering…who has taken the off-road Segway Tour at Fort Wilderness?  What did you think? If you haven’t taken the “Wilderness Back Trail Adventure” Segway Tour yet, do you think that it would be worth the $90 fee?

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  • that looks fun…although the thought of riding a Segway scares me a little … I can just envision myself losing control and totally crashing…and that would not be cool. :)

  • You totally need to take one for a mini test run the next time you visit Epcot. You can do a FREE mini tour in Innoventions!

  • I'll be @ Epcot on January 17th…and will try them out! :)

  • susanhodnicki

    My husband and I did the Segway tour in Epcot and loved it. He did it again a couple years ago by himself when I was doing the Holiday Decorations tour. He definitely wants to do the Fort Wilderness one, yes worth the money!

  • Wish the age limit was lower. My DD wants to do it but she is too young.

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  • Garry Reyom

    I definitely recommend the Backtrails more than the showcase one. Aside from the really beautiful screwy and the history the guides told about, the guides the self were comparatively much funner and interactive. They made me smile the whole time. Is wish to go back and see them.