Walt Disney World FastPass Machines Have Character – Part Four

Yes folks…its the fourth and final installment of this blog series. You’ve already gotten a peek at the FastPass Machines in Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Now let’s journey on to Disney’s Animal Kingdom…

FastPass Machines at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

As we make our way into Animal Kingdom through the Oasis and over the bridge to Discovery Island, the first attraction we encounter is “It’s Tough to Be a Bug”. I absolutely love this 3D experience! And what a great way to sit, relax, and cool off on a HOT day!  The queue line for the show starts at the base of the Tree of Life, the centerpiece for Animal Kingdom, and winds along through its carved root system, leading guests into the trunk of the tree where the theater is housed.  It’s no surprise then…that the FastPass Machine for “It’s Tough to Be a Bug” would resemble the bark of a tree.  “It’s Tough to Be a Bug” FastPass Machines have character!

Its Tough to Be a Bug FastPass

Next stop…DinoLand U.S.A.!  The “Dinosaur” attraction, formerly known as “Countdown to Extinction” is set within the Dino Institute.  The Dino Institute is a research facility and the FastPass Machines match the exterior architecture of the building.  Dinosaur FastPass Machines have Character!


Another attraction in DinoLand U.S.A. …which is slightly more “Kid Friendly” and an integral part of Chester and Hester’s Dino-Rama, is Primeval Whirl.  In this attraction, you board a whimsical Time Machine for a thrilling trip back in time! Back to the time of the dinosaurs.  As a complement to the time travel theme, the FastPass Machines are decorated with clocks. The day that I visited was a light traffic day and all of the machines were covered. A very nice cast member agreed to pull back the shade on one machine so that I could take a picture for you. Primeval Whirl FastPass Machines have Character!

Primeval Whirl FastPass

Our next stop is Animal Kingdom’s most popular attraction. If you’ve been to the park and you like coaster rides, I’m sure you’ve encountered this machine. It’s the Expedition Everest FastPass Machine. (Did you know that Disney’s Mt. Everest is the tallest of the Disney Mountains.) This attraction is set in the remote village of Serka Zong in the fictional kingdom of Anandapur.  The Royal Anandapur Tea Company has vacated and been replaced by a trekking outfit that takes hikers on journeys throughout the Mountain region.  The FastPass Machine looks as if it could be one of the storage chests left by the Tea Company.  Expedition Everest FastPass Machines have Character!

Expedition Everest FastPass

Time to get wet on Kali River Rapids!  This attraction is a rafting expedition along the Chakranadi River and the FastPass Machines look like part of the wooden dock that leads you to the start of your journey! Kali River Rapids FastPass Machines have Cahracter!

Kali River Rapids FastPass

Our final stop on our FastPass Tour of Animal Kingdom is my favorite ride…Kilimanjaro Safaris!  This ride is a two-week safari…and what do you take on safari? Why… chests with supplies of course…and it looks like these explorers didn’t pack light! One needs a lot of things on safari, so the FastPass machines resemble the luggage of the day. Kilimanjaro Safaris FastPass Machines have Character!

Kilimanjaro Safaris FastPass

The Disney Imagineers put so much thought into every little detail at the Disney Theme Parks.  There are days when I just walk around for hours observing the landscape (and people) and will not get on a single ride.  I have been hundreds of times and always notice something that I hadn’t noticed before on each and every trip.  I hope that this blog series has shed a little light on these somewhat overlooked Disney Gems.

Thanks so much for reading my blog! I appreciate you!

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