Video – Take a Boat Ride on Living With the Land at Epcot

photo via ohhector on Flickr

photo via ohhector on Flickr

Some folks run like maniacs to The Land Pavilion at Epcot to ride Soarin’.  But if you really want to sit down, relax and get out of the Florida heat you head down to the 1st floor of the The land Pavilion and board the boat for a ride on Living With the Land.

So sit back….relax….and enjoy this virtual ride through Epcot’s most spectacular indoor garden!

  • Nathan

    one of my favorite rides! with such a short wait time, I ride this literally every time I'm in Epcot. Still need to take the behind the seeds tour though..

  • The Land was and still is my favorite pavilion at Epcot

  • WDW-Memories Lou

    Thanks for the fun picture collage. I too enjoy this ride immensely. If you allow me a bit of cross promotion, I wanted to let all of your readers know I released a binaural ride through just recently of this same attraction. Feel free to stop by yourself Amanda and say hi.

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