Video of Snow Falling in Central Florida…Seeing Is Believing

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  • Debbie Staffieri Hudson

    Girl, you are crazy…..get inside! 😉

  • Kelly

    It was 18 degrees here when I went to the Supermarket today. It's snowed everyday in 2010. I have about 2 feet of snow outside.

    I'll gladly switch places :)

  • edtracker

    Amanda, I love it! But, I was begining to think I was watching a scene from the beginning of “The Day After Tomorrow!” LOL!!

  • Jackie Gailey

    So funny! My hubby & I are laughing our heads off! Love that you posted this! Thanks! :)

  • Amanda Tinney

    It was fun for a while but I am over it…

  • Amanda Tinney

    I'm beginning to think I am living in the Twilight Zone.

  • Amanda Tinney

    …and you want to move here…. =D

  • Ro

    Sent it to my parents who are on their way down to FL. They are starting to think they should have just stayed in NY!

  • Amanda Tinney

    Oh no…we need visitors. It will warm up by next weekend….promise!

  • DisneyBella

    Nice!!! I am next to the convention center and didnt get any snow here :(

  • Amanda Tinney

    It was patchy I think. My neighbor said that south of us it was so heavy that they could pick up handfulls of it off the ground.

  • Christine

    That's more like NY weather!

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