TRON Merchandise Available at Downtown Disney’s D-Street

December 17th, 2010…

I’m counting down the days until the release of TRON Legacy!

In the mean time…Check out all of the rad TRON merchandise available in “D-Street” at Walt Disney World’s Downtown Disney West Side.

Large TRON Canvas Artwork

Large TRON Stretched Canvas Artwork

Small Framed TRON Artwork

Small Framed TRON Artwork

TRON T-Shirt

TRON T-Shirt

TRON Logo Shirt

TRON Logo Shirt

TRON Ladies T-Shirt

TRON Ladies T-Shirt

TRON Ringer T

TRON Ringer T

…and just in case you haven’t seen the preview yet…

Here’s another…

…and let us not forget the awesomeness that is the Tron-o-Rail. Thanks Jud!

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  • Jud

    Hmmm… not very exciting looking. I would prefer something with brilliant luminescent color on black…
    Meanwhile, by your leave…



  • Thanks Dude! Post updated! Loved that video!

  • I have no desire to see this moving… call it very chick flick of me but no thank you :)

  • I am SOOO excited to see this movie! It looks so grawesome. And how can you not like the old-school look of the t-shirts?

  • Jud

    I am hoping seeing this one will finally help me make a bit of sense of the first one! As for the clothing, just want so COLOR!!! Men's clothing is so bland!

  • Thanks for sharing those photos, Amanda! I haven't been to D Street since it opened as I completely forgot about it while I was visiting over Memorial Day weekend. I'll have to add it to my list for next trip!

  • I really like this type of XX too, can you help me look at which one has higher price point?.

  • Totally have to go check it out next time you are over. They have the coolest merchandise on property IMHO. And if you are into Vinylmation…thats the place to go get it.

  • I am stoked about the advancements in CGI. I think this one will blow the other one away and I love the fact that Jeff is coming back for this one

  • I'm lovin' the throwback look myself as well…. Totally stoked for this flick!

  • I will make you go with me!

  • Loved that video my friend and added it to the post. Thanks for contributing. Now that's talent!

  • Jud

    I am honored!
    So- I guess I am out-voted on the clothing- guess I will have to get my own day-glo paint and do my own shirt…
    Also very pleased that Jeff is in the new one! Maybe he can explain it all? hehehee..
    Speaking of explaining. I continue to seek an explanation for not only the appeal of the Vinylmation stuff, but its very existence!

  • Limited Edition collectibles tend to go up in value so I guess that would be the appeal for a few. Has there not been a release that has appealed to you yet?

  • Jud

    A release of Vinylmation? Nope! The form itself I find off-putting. It's… wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) (And GROSSLY overpriced!!!)
    Now if they were a correct form of a Mickey, and were like blanks to do your own “75 Mickeys”, and priced appropriately, that I could see- and even a collection of copies of those done by others, including maybe the 75- and new editions by up and coming artists and celebrities- I could get into that, or at least understand it.
    But form is a very fundamental thing to me (artist- primarily sculpture) and I just see no reason, aesthetic or otherwise for the from of these things. And with the new release with everyone's eyeballs on Mickeys butt, I think clearly it is proven that whoever is behind this is coming from the Dark Side… and not the good dark side… (Cause like Darth Vadar's form is awesome!)

  • Behold…Darth Vader Vinylmation…

  • Jud

    LOL! However, I think the creator himself validates my point! He states flat out that he couldn't do it with the existing form and had to spend two weeks figuring out how to 'make it look right'! And it does! :)

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