Top Ten Reasons to Go See Pitch Perfect at the Movie Theater

pitch perfect movie

  1. Um…hello. When was the last time you were Pitch Slapped? Great tunes throughout! Especially the unofficial street battle
  2. Totally unexpected event in the opening scene. I can’t remember the last time I was surprised at a movie
  3. Rebel Wilson…I couldn’t look away! I just wondered what she would do and say next. #FatAmyFanForLife
  4. The classic showdown of boys vs girls. Hmmm…I wonder who will win?
  5. College potty humor at its finest
  6. Great ensemble cast
  7. “Glee” meets “Bring it On”
  8. Underdogs Rule!
  9. Never a dull moment
  10. Pitch Perfect“…. It’s FUN!