This is Why You Can’t Purchase Gum on Walt Disney World Property

Photo Taken on Main Street

Photo Taken on Main Street U.S.A. in the Magic Kingdom

  • TikiTommy1960

    Too funny , did yopu find it or make it ? hahaha

  • Sad sad truth!

  • CLASSY!!!!!!!

  • That’s hilarious!

  • Twernt I that did it. Didn’t know whether I should chuckle or frown…

  • Oh my goodness! That is just too much! At least they shaped it properly before littering! LOL!

  • Lace

    Why doesn’t Disney check for gum and take it at the check points before entering the park. I had a brand new pair of shorts ruined by some inconsiderate person who preferred to use the sidewalk on the parade route as the garbage can. Inconsiderate people are SO irritating !

  • JP

    Yeah Lace, if that didn’t happen at Disney, I bet it would have happened on your way to the airport or at a gas station on your way home. It’s already enough that they don’t sell it there.