The New Avatar Section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Will be Called…

james_cameron disney avatarBlue Sky Disney is reporting stirrings surrounding the new Avatar themed land in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park. Among those is the title of the new “12 acre Cars-Land-sized area”. Those names are Pandora, The World of Pandora, and Pandora: The World of Avatar.  Also reported is what will appear in the newly refurbished area…three distinct attractions with one using technology similar to “Soarin’ Over California.

I’m still on the fence about getting excited about this new area of Disney’s Animal Kingdom and secretly had hoped it would be placed on the back burner like Downtown Disney‘s Hyperion Warf has been. But I will keep you posted on any new news I hear about the development as it becomes available.

  • John Buxbaum

    I’m still struggling (and not happy i have to) to see how Avatar fits in to what Walt Disney created….

  • I’m not a big Avatar fan, but I’m reserving judgement until I see and experience Pandora “land” for myself. I suspect, however, that it will be wonderful!

  • While many people may not like that Disney has decided to build an Avatar land, it will still be amazing, especially now that they realize how well the Imagineers can build immersive lands like Cars land. 

  • Rcherman3

    Not diggin’ it.