Aug 12

Disney Bolt Birthday Cake

Disney Bolt Birthday Cake

Bolt, Mittens and Rhino sit atop this amazing Disney birthday cake by Letizia of Sogni di Zucchero

Sep 09

List of Disney’s Full Length Animated Feature Films with One Word Titles

Producing a full length animated feature is no small task. And at some point in time that feature has to be christened with a title.  I wonder what the process is like for the Imagineers who come up with catchy Disney movie titles that stick? Disney has cranked out so many masterpieces, that I thought it would be fun to try and come up with a list of all of the Disney full-length animated feature films with one word titles.  We came up with eighteen.  Think you can name them all???  Buff up on your Disney Trivia and see how many of these you remember.

A special thanks goes out to my Twitter friend @DisneyandBeyond for getting that left-brain working and helping me compile this list for all of you. By the way…we excluded films with “The” in the title, like The Aristocats and The Rescuers as well as live-action/animation films such as Enchanted.  I am also omitting 2001’s Atlantis as the official full title is Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

1.  Pinocchio (1940)


2.  Fantasia (1940)Fantasia

3.  Dumbo (1941)Dumbo

4.  Bambi (1942)Bambi

5.  Cinderella (1950)Cinderella

6.  Aladdin (1992)Aladdin

7.  Pocahontas (1995)Pocahontas

8.  Hercules (1997)Hercules

9.  Mulan (1998)Mulan

10. Tarzan (1999)Tarzan

11. Dinosaur (2000)Dinosaur

12. Valiant (2005)Valiant

13. Cars (2006)Cars

14. Ratatouille (2007)Ratatouille

15. WALL-E (2008)WALL-E

16. Bolt (2008)Bolt

17. UP (2009)UP

18. Ponyo (2009)Ponyo

If we’ve left one out, please give us a nudge.  Out of all of the films listed above I would have to say that although Rhino cracks me UP….”UP” would have to be my own personal favorite.  Which one is yours?  Please let me know in the comment section below and thanks for taking the time to visit DisneyEveryDay.com

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