Nov 12

How to Make Disney Cruise Line Pumpkin Cheesecake for Thanksgiving

Each Thanksgiving on Disney ships, a very special dessert is served: pumpkin cheesecake. If you want to get a taste of what it’s like to eat on a Disney ship for Thanksgiving, or if you simply want to wow your friends and family with a delicious dessert on “Turkey Day,” check out this video of how to make it at home.

Jun 12

Disney Cinderella Cookie Platter

Disney fan approved! Made by Cookieria by Margaret

Disney Cinderella Cookie Platter

Disney Cinderella Cookies

Disney Cinderella Cookie dress slipper

Disney Cinderella Cookie carriageDisney Cinderella Cookie dress

Oct 11

Paris Disneyland’s Spooky Halloween Transformation


Photo via David Humo

Transforming Paris Disneyland into a spooky Halloween haven requires a lot of dedication and creativity, but the results are always stunning. Every October the park becomes a world of witches, ghosts and ghoulish fun for all who dare to visit! From costumed characters to pumpkins galore, this metamorphosis is nothing short of magical.

Disney Goblin Paris

photo via edera

The Disney decorators have been working hard to spread that Halloween hue across the park, in special spooky shades of black, orange and purple. In fact, you’re also likely to see some of the pumpkin people still hard at work throughout the park.

Disneyland Paris Pumpkin Men

photo via David Humo

Disneyland Paris Pumpkin Man

photo via edera

Even Mickey Mouse and friends make sure they’re dressed for the holiday.  You’ll see all the familiar Disney characters decked out in their favorite Halloween costumes! Every detail is considered to make sure that Halloween at Eurodisney Paris is a truly memorable event.

Disneyland Paris Minnie Halloween Parade

photo via David Humo

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Oct 11

The Muppets Halloween Video: Carven Der Pumpkin with Swedish Chef

Muppets Pumpkin Halloween