Jul 11

Mitchel Musso Channels Ashton Kutcher in New Series PrankStars

Looks like the Disney Channel is taking a stab at reliving the success that MTV and Ashton Kutcher had with their series “Punk’d”.  Did you watch the premiere episode of “PrankStars”? What’s ya think?

PrankStars Disney

Jun 11

Princess Jasmine MakeUp Transformation Video

I first discovered Michelle Phan when she landed on the homepage of MTV.com with a makeup tutorial on how to get the crazy eyes in Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” music video.  Here…

lady gaga bad romance eye makeup

Now Michelle has gone Disney with her newest makeup transformation video…Princess Jasmine. Check it!

Jun 11

MTV Recreates Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Movie Trailer Entirely with LEGOs

LEGO Black Beard PirateThe creative minds over at MTV decided to put a new spin on promoting Disney’s 4th installment of it’s Pirates of the Caribbean franchise recreating the Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides movie trailer out of LEGO bricks.

Check your local theater listings for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides show times.

Vampire Mermaids FTW!

Here’s video of the split screen with the actual movie trailer shown above the LEGO trailer…

And here’s Pirates Director Rob Marshall’s critique of the piece…

Nov 10

Jersey Shore’s Nicole Polizzi aka Snooki on Family Vacation in Walt Disney World

Snooki “Nicole Polizzi”, star of MTV’s Jersey Shore, came to fist pump with the REAL Animal Kingdom gorillas on her Polizzi family vacation. From the looks of her twitter stream, the family is bedding down for the night at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. The guidette is here for a lil’ pre-birthday celebration and has been spotted at various locations throughout the world.

Photo Property of Snooki

Photo Property of Nicole Polizzi

Photo Property of Aurora Moore

Snooki in the Rose Garden at the Magic Kingdom - Photo Property of Aurora Moore

Twitter Posts…

Packing for vacation tomorrow with the family and boyfriend! #CANTWAIT Nov 11th

Sleep ! Vacation starts TOMORROW :) goodnight Nov 11th

And Family get away begins now! Nov 11th

Family vacation is a time to catch up , enjoy eachothers company, and fight like you’ve never fought before. Can’t wait ! Nov 11th

I’m in Florida trick Nov 11th

There’s fricken giraffes in my hotel backyard !!! Nov 11th

I’m so getting buzz lightyear lemonade in a toy story cup. Nov 11th

My buz lightyear cup! #DontHate Nov 11th

Lmao my dad just asked if there were different color giraffes. Yea dad, pink and black in my world with glitter Nov 11th

Dinner with the fam! Can’t wait for my boyfriend to get here!!! Jionni hurry ur ass up ;) Nov 11th

Just ordered lemon drops for dad…I think he had a mild seizure LOL I LOVE family vaca! Nov 11th

Yay finally got a digital camera to take pictures of this dysfunctional Polizzi vacation ! Nov 11th

With my family <3 Nov 11th

Photo Property of Aurora Moore

Snooki (with leopard bag) sans handler, on line for the PeopleMover in Tomorrowland at the Magic kingdom - Photo Property of Aurora Moore

Bahh can’t wait to pick up jionni tomorrow! :D Nov 11th

Picken up Jionni !!!!!! :D then explorin Disney ! WOohooo Nov 12th

Now that I’m here baby show me a good time :) Nov 12th

Oh heyyy goofy Nov 12th

YAY boyfriend is here! Off to some rides, weee ! Maybe dress and boots was a bad idea lol :p Nov 12th

Bahama mamas MMMMM :) what a delight Nov 12th

Frolicin around with my man <3 waiting for fireworks :) !!! Nov 12th

Out to a delish dinner with everyone! Got me a sexy date mhmm ;) Nov 12th

Working on my british accent all night… Ellooo giraffe :) Nov 13th

Sippin on some bubbly baby!! Dance party in full effect. ( I felt like every1 on twitter should know that) just sayen! Xox Nov 13th

Morning ! Damn I’m tired ! Nov 13th

Falling inlove at disney :) Nov 13th

We’re seeing Lion King today! SO EXCITED! Baaa savanyaaaaa Nov 13th

I fricken love animals !!!!!! Yay goin to see the animal kingdom hospital :) Nov 13th

Disney got me a crown for my birthday ! Still a week away but HOW cute?! :) love you disney RT

Aw shit, gorilla central Nov 13th

Bringing daddy on a huge rollercoaster with Jionni who are both deathly afraid ! Yesssssb #iwin Nov 13th

Oct 10

“DJ Pauly D” Delvecchio of MTV’s Jersey Shore Gets a Blowout on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in the Magic Kingdom

DJ Pauly Delvecchio on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Disney

Paul Delvecchio (left), aka “DJ Pauly D” from the hit MTV series “Jersey Shore,” takes a ride aboard the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad roller coaster Oct. 22, 2010 in the Magic Kingdom in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. Delvecchio, riding with Celebration (FL) High School senior Bryan Lopez (front right) and a host of central Florida high school seniors behind him, was at the theme park to announce his involvement as one of the featured performers for “Disney Grad Nite 2011,” a private, after-hours party at the Magic Kingdom in April and May 2011 for high school seniors from across the country. Delvecchio will serve as the party’s featured DJ, and headline the graduation party alongside UK-born R&B singer Taio Cruz and pop duo “3OH!3.” (Diana Zalucky, photographer)