Aug 12

Disney Darling Miley Cyrus Chops Off All Her Hair

Hannah Montana took to Twitter yesterday with a Brittney-esque hair do. She says she loves it. What do you think?

Miley Cirus Disney Shaves Hair

Jun 11

Video – Jason Earles and Leo Howard “Kickin’ It” with Radio Disney’s Jake

Disney XD Kickin It CastLocated in a strip mall and run by Sensei Rudy, the Bobby Wasabi Martial Arts Academy is the worst dojo in the nationwide Bobby Wasabi chain and is in danger of closing. But everything changes when Jack reluctantly joins the dojo and meets his new crew — tough guy and slacker Jerry, awkward yet confident Milton and the lovable, uncoordinated Eddie. Also joining the Wasabi crew is confident martial arts expert Kim. The gang soon realizes their newfound friendship will take them places they never quite imagined and, united, they can become unstoppable.

Starring in “Kickin’ It” are Jason Earles (“Hannah Montana”) as Rudy, Leo Howard (Disney Channel’s short-form series “Leo Little’s Big Show”) as Jack, Mateo Arias (“Cold Case”) as Jerry, Dylan Riley Snyder (Disney’s Broadway Musical “Tarzan”) as Milton, Alex Christian Jones as Eddie and Olivia Holt (“Black & Blue”) as Kim.

Feb 10

Mickey Moms Club Presents A Disney Party in a Big Red Box

Mickey Moms ClubUnbeknownst to me, there is something out there called the Mickey Moms Club.  I am assuming that some of you reading this right now might be scratching your head.  And then there are those of you, those that applied to be on the Disney Moms Panel, that are screaming at their screens right now…”Tinney…I know what the Mickey Moms Club is!”

Yep…that’s right…Disney formed a special Club exclusive to those Disney enthusiasts who applied to be on the Disney Moms Panel.  Who knew? Not me…maybe I should have applied.  Oh bother… One person who did apply and make it onto the Disney Moms Panel is my homegirl Suzannah DiMarzio.  She did a write-up on the Mickey Moms Club at her blog Zannaland that you should read. And random fact…she also designed the header for this very blog you’re reading. Multi talented gal ain’t she?

On with the story shall we… On the last day of the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration I was lucky enough to be awarded this Mickey Moms Club “Disney Party In a Box” Prize and was told that it would be mailed to me. Woot! And today…Mr. FedEx Man pulled into the driveway with a big red Disney box! Oh joy and rapture!

Big Red Disney Box

Wanna see what’s inside?

Disney Confetti

All kinds of goodies to throw the perfect Disney Celebration at Home!

Disney Maps

Disney Wish Makers…you know, like the origami thingies you used to make back in grade school…

Disney Wish Maker

Disney Trivia Cards

Disney Bingo

Paper mouse ear crowns, crayons, and coloring book favors…

Mouse Ears

Canvas party favor bags with Mickey straws and Fab5 magnets with a magnetic board…

Disney Canvas Bags

A DVD, balloons, Hannah Montana mirror locker magnets, and cocktail napkins…

Disney Party Swag

A Disney photo album…

Disney Photo Album

Collectible Disney character sketches…

Disney Sketch

There were also some cards tucked inside that read… “Moms, you can host your very own Walt Disney World “What Will You Celebrate?” In-Home Celebration by visiting www.momselect.com/mickeymomsclub.”

I’d love to know more about this Disney Moms Club…so if you’re a member, sound off and let us all in on the secrets of membership!  Just drop us a line in the comment section below. We would love to hear from ya!

Until Next Time,

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Sep 09

Kanye West Crashes VMA Stage During Taylor Swift’s Award Speech

Ok…So I’m sure by now you might have heard or seen something about the incident that transpired at last night’s VMA’s between Kanye West and Taylor Swift. I was so disgusted that I had to sound off about it!

I must first make the connection between Taylor and Disney…this is after all a Disney Blog. (Mind you, I have to thank my Tweenage Daughter for the knowledge I am about to grace you with.) Besides dating a Joans Brother and having her songs plastered all over Radio Disney…Taylor also made a cameo in “Hannah Montana: The Movie”. There…now we have the connection…on to the rant!

As a mom of a girl who will soon be a teenager, I felt deeply saddened for the humiliation West put Swift through. If you haven’t seen the video yet, take a look at this…

Yes…that was a grown man jumping up onto the stage, ripping the mike out of a teenagers hands and stealing a moment in time that she might have never forgotten. Now she might just as well want to forget that humiliating moment in time, although modern technology will not allow it.  Props to everyone in the audience who “Booed” West and stood up to give “Swift” a standing ovation! Poor Beyonce looked embarrassed and had no idea how to react to a sort-of backhanded complement.  She more than made up for it later on that night. Watch…

I had to shed some light on West’s asinine actions. Beyonce was very gracious in her reaction, as was Swift.  I wonder if West will meet the same backlash as the now banished Dixie Chicks met when Natalie Maines denounced the President’s actions to an All-Country, All-American loving crowd of fans. Country Radio put the kabash on all of their songs, refusing to play them. I hope Kanye West meets the same fate! Boycott Kanye West!

Until Next Time,

P.S. I would love to know your thoughts! Please sounds off in the Comments Section below!

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